Redwork block 1 – cat face

11-4-2013rwI’m using one large piece of white fabric that I’ve sectioned off in 10 inch blocks. I did this because I intend to try to dye the blocks a light beige with rit-dye and hopefully it’ll resemble an aged fabric or a tea-dyed fabric. I think the large piece of fabric will be a more even dye and easier to handle.IMG_5665I’m using pictures drawn by me. Hopefully, I’ll be posting a redwork picture a day during the week. I’m hoping I can stay on task until I get them all finished. However with the holidays approaching, I may have to set it aside some days.

I hope you’ll surf by from time-to-time and check on my progress.

Wishing you all joy & success in crafting.

2 thoughts on “Redwork block 1 – cat face

  1. Love this sweet kitty face! Looking forward to seeing all the designs in your quilt. I have a redwork quilt that my husband gave me years ago. It’s dated 1920.


    • Thanks I wanted to start my quilt off with the memory of Babycat. I miss her so very much.
      Wow, 1920, I hope you’ll post a photo of your quilt sometime. I bet it’s charming.
      Redwork has become one of my favorite things since I discovered it on Charlotte’s blog. It’s the easiest embroidery I’ve ever done. 🙂


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