Shelibean the great hunter


Sheli bean has had a rough last month and a half. In the excited joys of play he slipped on the kitchen tile, slid into a door-facing and hurt his back leg.
We carried him to the veterinarian and she said he had a luxating patella (his knee is out of joint), but only on the hurt leg. She prescribed him a nsaid medicine for pain. She said he may need surgery someday later on.

Over the past month and a half Sheli has gotten better and better.
He’s almost back up to par, but he’s still cautious, thank goodness.

While at the vet’s office, Sheli met the first dog he’s seen since he was 7 weeks old. It was a beautiful female white boxer that was about 3 times his size. She was a very docile lovable creature. We were proud of Sheli because he wasn’t afraid and calmly sniffed noses with her.

Yesterday, Sheli reached a milestone that every puppy would be proud to claim: his first critter-capture.
Sheli was on the back-porch with my hubby. After a few minutes of running around Sheli demanded to go back in. Hubby thought Sheli had gotten scared by something. A leaf, the wind, an odd sound anything will send Sheli running for door to come inside. Anyway, hubby let him in. I was working on the laptop in the bedroom. Sheli came in the room with me, ran around a few moments and then went back to the kitchen when hubby came in…
and that’s when hubby noticed that Sheli had a katydid in his mouth…

There was a few moments of excitement and it worried us that the katydid may bite him. Fortunately, Sheli was willing to ‘trade’ the critter for a puparoni snack.
Apparently the katydid was playing opossum because he was still alive and moved his legs slightly when Sheli put him down. You can see it laying beside Sheli in the upper photo.  Hubby took the wee critter outside and set it free.

Sheli was so proud of himself.
So there you have it, Our lovely little fluffy ornament is a natural hunter after all. 🙂

For my new blogging buddies and readers:
About Shelibean

Shelibean is a male Shichi (half shih tzu & half chihuahua)
17 months old
weighs 14 pounds (he’s a bit overweight)
He’s 100% potty-pad trained
We trim his hair & toenails ourselves
And most importantly, he’s spoiled rotten 😉

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