March Wreath

Happy March 1st!  Goodness the first couple months of 2014 went by swiftly. Now on into the new month we go and you know what that means… it’s time for my new Wreath-of-the-Month.

I wanted to make something in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, but couldn’t get into the leprechaun theme for a wreath. Not that I have anything against leprechauns, matters-a-fact I could talk a blue-streak about them and other nature folks if the situation arises.
However, since leprechauns are just one of the many symbols of the celebration, I chose a simpler theme. After weeks of thinking about it, yesterday it all came together in my mind and on my kitchen table. The main trouble was all the greens seemed to clash. My final wreath is the fourth try and fourth style I’ve tried. Yep, my wits were almost at end before I finally got a handle on how I wanted to make it.

Okay, here’s the highlights…
I apologize for the photo. I tried 3 different cameras and 2 different editing programs but couldn’t get a good photo of it, The greens of the shamrocks wanted to dark out and the green stripe in the fabric would come out blue. This was the best version I could get. It’s not perfect, but maybe you’ll appreciate that I tried really hard to get a good photo. 😉

Since it’s March and Spring-cleaning comes to mind, that means throwing out old papers, magazines, newspapers and such as that. I decided to share my favorite wreath making secret with you to help make some use of them instead of trashing them or wasting gas taking them to a recycling center.
Use the papers to make wreath forms. It takes some work to get a nice firm wreath base, but it’s worth it.
I discovered this wreath base making trick a few years ago. I wanted to make some wreaths, but I didn’t have a desire to spend a lot of money on wreath bases. So I put on my thinking cap, went into my craft room and didn’t come out until I discovered a way to make a wreath base inexpensively and more eco friendly too.
IMG_7768It takes lots of old paper to make a wreath base and it’s a good way to recycle paper too.

After this month’s base was made, I added a layer of paper towels and lastly a fabric covering. The fabric is some I had from over a decade ago.

Feel free to physically laugh-out-loud at my wonky shamrocks. My husband tried to get me to go to the store and buy some decorating accents like ribbons and plants for my wreath. I thanked him and told him no. I wanted to use stuff I have on hand like I did with the wreath base and could recycle if possible.
I had crocheted some shamrocks last month, but they didn’t look right on the wreath. So, I went in my craft room and thought and thought until my thinker was sore and then I sat and thought some more. Upon going through buttons and bows and ribbons and lace and boxes of things I’d forgotten I had, I came across some old silk ivy. Mmm, I wished it were shamrocks instead of ivy… and then it occurred to me that in fact I could try and make the ivy leaves into shamrocks. My first few tries were not a great success and then I remembered that some folks draw 3 hearts together for shamrocks, so I started cutting the ivy leaves into triple leaf heart-like shapes. They’re far from perfect and wouldn’t win any prizes, but they are recycled silk ivy and that’s a good thing.  Plus in real life they look quite well on my March wreath. All-in-all I’m fairly satisfied with them.

I sculpted the lady bugs out of polymer clay. I thought the wreath needed a splash of color.

And that’s all there is to this months wreaths and my wreathy thoughts.
Now I must go and start planning on how I want to make April’s wreath… wish me luck. 🙂

Wishing you all a month of good luck,
good friends & good weather.


Here’s why I’m making a ‘Wreath of the Month’ for every month of 2014.


16 thoughts on “March Wreath

    • Thanks so much Patti
      Yep, we genius folks usually have sore thinkers when trying to create something. lol
      My thinker is fine now that I conquered my March wreath. 😉


  1. Hello. 🙂 What a good idea, a wreath a month! I really like January and February’s wreaths, what a beautiful crochet. My Mother used to crochet us wonderful throws and pillows. I picture January’s wreath in a baby boys room. March is my Favorite though…really cute, I love the Lady Bugs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Arl’s World
      Welcome to my blog.
      What an awesome lady your Mom must be. I can imagine you all enjoyed many hours of keeping warm and cozy underneath the throws that she so lovingly made.
      I thought that too about January wreath. If my son was still little I’d hang it in his room.
      I’m glad you liked my March wreath, it was the hardest one for me so far.
      Thanks for visiting and leaving me a happy comment and great compliments.
      I hope you’ll visit again sometime.


  2. Well, I think you managed to get a nice photo after all E.C. If all else fails, always remember, natural light with no flash is always your best bet. Take anything outside when you can. Or just in a room flooded with natural light.xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Margie
      Your photos are always so gorgeous. It means alot to me when you encourage me with kind compliments on mine.
      One of the reasons the photo turned out a bit better than the others is I opened the blinds and tried to get as much natural light as I could, but it was so dreary and overcast outside that it didn’t make very much difference in the lighting. Finally, out of desperation I set up a desk-light and pointed it on it like a spot light. lol


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