Ornamental Tiger Lilies

a-IMG_5223These flowers are ornamental Tiger Lilies and precious heirlooms to me. They came from seeds that my Mom gave me a couple decades ago from her own ornamental lilies. Mom’s ornamental lilies came from seeds given to her by her Mom from her ornamental tiger lilies. As close as I can figure, this line of ornamental tiger lilies has been in my family for probably 90 years or more.
c-IMG_5423I’m always anxious each year waiting for the bright orange blooms to burst into full color. It makes me smile to see these living beauties of love from my Mom and Grandmother.

I hope you all have a pleasant rest of the week.

22 thoughts on “Ornamental Tiger Lilies

  1. My family has the same tradition with the same breed of lily! My Mom calls them “turk’s cap lilies”. Although she has tried to pass the seeds on to me twice, I can’t get the darn things to grow! I hope to try again this year ๐Ÿ™‚ Your’s are absolutely beautiful!!!


    • Thanks YC
      That’s so neat that your family passes them on through the generations too. I love that.
      What a fun name your Mom gave them.
      I hope you can get the seeds to grow someday. It’d be wonderful for you to have your own family patch of tiger lilies too. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I have seven different types of lilies including the ones you show. I really love those because they remind me of my Mom who to this day still has them blooming against her garage.
    Thanks for your concern for my ankle and foot. I still have a swelling from soft tissue damage and it’s already been two months. So it’s been a slow summer for me.
    ‘love & hugs from afar’


    • Thanks Cheryl
      Wow 7 different varieties. Your flower bed must be eye candy. I can’t imagine.
      I love that your Mom has a patch of tiger lilies. Did she say where hers came from and how long she’s had them. I really enjoy the family history with these.
      Bless your heart, I bet it has been a slow summer for you. I hope your injuries are healing well and you’ll be back to your perky self soon. (((hugs))) ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. E.C., I’m so glad you identified these correctly; some people call the orange lilies that bloom in June, tiger lilies, when they really aren’t. The black dots on the bloom sets these apart. I have two clumps of these in my yard and find they can spread quickly by the little bulblets that form along the stems. I also have a pale yellow tiger lily which I ordered from some seed catalog years ago. It isn’t as hardy as the orange ones.


    • Thanks Charlotte
      I’ve never seen a yellow tiger lily. I bet it’s pretty and delicate looking.
      I’ve had a couple friendly heated discussions with some very insistent ladies over ‘tiger lilies’ and ‘roadside lilies’ (the hardy orange ones). For some reason they didn’t understand that the ‘roadside lily’ is a day-lily and the ornamental tiger lily is quite different. Fortunately, we were standing next to my tiger lily and also could see my ‘roadside lilies’ about 60 feet away. I suspect that seeing the difference in the two plants is what made them begrudgingly admit that I might be right. lol People are so funny sometimes. ๐Ÿ™‚


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