August Wreath

My August ‘Wreath of the Month 2014’ is dedicated to the new school year.

In my youth, one of my most favorite parts about a new school year was getting all those wonderful new art/office supplies.
Even today, a purchase of art or office supplies gives me a happy smile. I didn’t grow out of my enjoyment of getting new art/office supplies, perhaps I never will.

Here’s wishing all the students a wonderful school
year filled with bright smiles & happy learning.

I made the wreath base out of newspaper. I crocheted the wreath base cover out of bright yellow yarn.
I sculpted all of the decorations on the wreath out of polymer clay. I made the labels, for my sculpts of colors and glue, in my PhotoImpact program and printed them off onto sticky paper.
Hopefully my August school wreath brings-to-mind thoughts of sunshine and a bright future.

18 thoughts on “August Wreath

  1. So sweet. You really nailed it on this one. I love the start of school too. In fact, today I bought spiral notebooks for my writing! Great job.


    • Thanks so much Charlotte,
      There’s just something fun about new notebooks. I enjoy the empty pages just waiting to be filled with any thought or drawing, good or bad, that we write.


  2. I love the texture in each individual sunbeam. You blew me away when you said you made all the school supplies out of clay. I’ve never been able to identify anything I’ve sculpted! Nice labeling, too. You sure know your way around when it comes to design–digitally and manually.


    • Thanks so much Patti
      Aw you’re so nice.What wonderful compliments you bless me with. I’ve been tinkering with sculpting since for about 10 years. It’s a craft/hobby that I go through moods with. I’ve really enjoyed being able to make the decorations for my wreaths. It saves me quite a bit of time, worry and money.
      I figure that you’re better at sculpting than you think. You just need more confidence. 🙂


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