First Tomato 2015

IMG_3214I harvested our first tomato of the year. It was beautiful and delicious. IMG_3300This will probably be the last pretty one we get because the deer are pretty well keeping the redding tomatoes eaten. This tomato was hidden on the vine behind a some green ones.

The resident doe has recently had a fawn. She’s got a huge appetite now that she’s nursing.
My husband saw the fawn the other day he said it was as tiny as Shelibean. Aw, it sounded so cute.  Hopefully, it’ll come out when I’m outside and I can get a photo of it to share on my blog.

Happy Gardening!

10 thoughts on “First Tomato 2015

    • Thanks Barb
      It’s the biggest tomato we’ve grew in many years.We were most impressed that it survived. lol
      Every time I pass the window, I look outback for any movement hoping to see the wee one. 🙂

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    • Thanks Nadine
      It’s all good. We don’t mind sharing our garden with the wildlife. It’s really fun and makes us happy to see them. 🙂


    • Thanks Patti
      The tomato tasted delicious too. I wish I could grow a bushel of them just like it.
      I haven’t seen the fawn yet, but there’s new deer tracks in the garden often and so hopefully I’ll see it sometime. 🙂

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