Snow & squash eggs

IMG_6761There’s nothing like looking out and seeing my garden plot covered in a few inches of snow to get me in the seed buying mood. lol Seriously, it’s the truth.
Since we didn’t need to be out in the snow traveling around, I went shopping online for some squash seeds. I decided to buy some different ones that I’ve never tried to grow before; a Golden Egg hybrid and a Green Egg Hybrid. They’re supposed to be up to 5 inches when grown. It’ll be fun to see how they do and what they taste like.
I do like the fact that they are a relatively early producer. It gives me hope that I can harvest a few crops before the evil demon squash vine borer kills the plants.
Have you started making plans for a flower garden and/or vegetable garden?
I hope you all are keeping warm and staying safe during these snowy wintery days.




4 thoughts on “Snow & squash eggs

  1. Well, they look interesting! So many varieties of vegetables that I don’t know about. We dodged a bullet with Jonas, now we’ll see if this next storm is more of a problem!

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