Peaches & Cream Corn – Harvest & Freezing

0-20160807_093914We had a busy Sunday morning. We went to the garden and harvested about 4 dozen ears of Peaches & Cream Sweet corn.

Working together, it didn’t take long to have the corn shucked, cleaned, blanched, cooled, packaged and in the freezer. We have a dozen bags of corn put up and ready for future meals.

Here’s Wishing for all your harvests to be bountiful!02freezingcorn

*We used this method for preparing and freezing our corn:
How to freeze corn –

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10 thoughts on “Peaches & Cream Corn – Harvest & Freezing

  1. Mouth watering! Fortunately it is corn harvest season in our province, so we will be able to buy lots of Taber Corn. Our garden got hit with golf ball size hail last week. The carrots and potatoes will make a comeback eventually!

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    • Thanks Margie
      Oh my goodness, you all are having some horrendous weather. I wish you the best with your root crops. Hopefully, they’ll make a great show and produce beautifully for you.
      It’s good that you still have access to fresh corn to buy. It’s fresh and worth a lot to enjoy it. 🙂


  2. Your corn looks fantastic! We have tried growing corn several years now but it just never produces for us. Thankfully there is a local farm we can get corn from (and any other produce we don’t grow) because it is one of my favorite veggies. I love my starchy foods lol.

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    • Thanks CW
      Starchy foods are mighty tasty. It’s great that you live where you can buy fresh veggies. It’s a shame that you haven’t been able to grow corn. My husband replanted our corn 3 times before any came up and thrived… well except for the ornamental corn, it’s super sturdy and grew happily in heat and wet. It’s bland to the taste, so we’re not using it for food. We’re letting it grow for critters and decor. I know in the olden days it was a true blessing because it grows so well. 🙂


  3. Yum! This reminds me of all those summers back home. My brother got the job of removing the kernels from the ears. It was a blessing when freezing came along, an alternative to canning it all.

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    • Thanks Patti
      I agree, freezing is a major leap forward in food preservation. When I was a child I got tired during the corn harvesting and preserving process. My Mom canned and froze oodles of bushels of produce every year. I enjoy it more now that I’m grown and we only harvest and freeze a small amount. 🙂

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      • Usually, I was tasked with watching the gauge on the pressure cooker in the kitchen while the family processed the rest in the basement. All that work fed us through the winter, as I imagine yours did, too.

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        • Hey Patti
          You and I share some very similar memories. I’m thankful our parents put up so much food. I admire their ability to preserve food so well to feed our families all through the winter. 🙂

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