Rose cutting update & Basil Babies

My accidental rose cutting is thriving in the herb bed. I planted it close to the birdbath in hopes of giving it a bit of protection through the winter. I plan to transplant it next Spring to a more open spot. ~*~

I noticed some baby basil plants growing on the ground by the adult ones. I decided to try and get a couple to grow indoors for the winter. I have my doubts as to how long I can get them to survive in the house, but it’s worth a try. I found two nice size basil seedlings snuggled down between the rocks and stems of the adult plants. They’ve been quite well protected. I transplanted them in a small pot.I put netting over the pot to keep the bugs out. Our nights are quite cool now and since the babies don’t have the same protection around them, I bring them in at night and set them outside during the day.Hopefully they’ll continue to thrive and I’ll have fresh basil for a while.


My herb bed is full with the matured plants. It’s quite crowded and messy.
I’ve enjoyed my herb bed. I’m sad to know that soon it’ll go to sleep for winter.


My plans for next season are already in the making.
Just 5 to 6 months and
I’ll be back out there starting the gardening season again.


12 thoughts on “Rose cutting update & Basil Babies

    • Thanks Margy
      We’ve been fortunate so far in no snow, but unfortunate in the super hot temps… we’re headed for 90°F again. We really hoped for cooler days, but oh well. 😉


  1. I love your herb bed, it looks so lovely! I hope I can at least fence in my back yard and maybe section off a small corner to decicate to a little garden of my own, next year. Still having trouble finding a job so that has to remain my top priority for now.

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    • Thanks so much CW
      Your girls would be so happy to romp around off-leash in a fenced in yard. A garden would be a relaxing and healthy way to enjoy time outside. I wish you the best. 🙂


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