Baked Donuts

The other night I decided to give my
new Wilton Donut cake pan a try.
I used a regular yellow box cake mix.We really enjoyed these.
We preferred them without frosting
and ate most of them that way.

Although the ones with frosting was a mighty sweet treat too.

It took 13 minutes for them to bake each time. Since I had only one pan it took over 2 hours to bake up all the batter.
As soon as I got near my pc, I ordered a couple more 6 cavity Wilton Donut pans to speed up the process next time.
I thought about getting some silicone pans, but I’ve never used them. I stuck with the trusted metal ones.

I’m curious, have you ever used silicone baking pans?
How did they do? Did you like them?

Here’s wishing you all a week of tasty treats and smiles.




8 thoughts on “Baked Donuts

    • Thanks so much Ann
      Your experience helps me a lot. That’s interesting about the silicone cups and the cupcakes not rising well. I figure a silicone pan would be the same since the heat is conducted differently than in metal pans. I think I’ll stick with metal. 🙂

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  1. Those look yummy! I have a few silicone cupcake liners but prefer them for things besides cupcakes. Too hard to release them without smashing them up a bit. For cupcakes I think metal tins lined with good old paper liners is best. I also have a silicone pan that yields a pretty rose shaped cake. Or, it is supposed to. I have only used it a couple times so far, the second time with more success than the first. I think successful use of silicone baking pans is very dependent on the recipes being used, my experience just says some recipes it works well but others not so much. I prefer my metal baking pans.

    I bet you could use your doughnut pans to make homemade bagels too. Maybe. I have never made homemade bagels so I am not sure of the process lol.

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    • Thanks so much CW
      I trust your experiences on the silicone bakeware. You make such wonderful baked goods,
      It’s a shame that the rose shapes didn’t work out well, but it sounds like you’re mastering them with each try. I agree about the recipes, I figure that some would work better than others.
      I bet you’re right about bagels. Although I’ve never eaten one. I’ll have to look around for a recipe.


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