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Did you get the luck?

It was 4° this morning. It’s warmed up to 14° now. Looking out the window I see the sun is shining. The look of a warm day in the winter sunshine truly is deceiving. I hope it gets warmer soon.

Did you partake of any old timey traditions to ensure you get-the-luck for a good year? We did. We had black-eyed peas and cabbage. It’s a tasty simple meal and costs next to nothing, so we see no reason not to partake in it. It’s kind of a fun thing to add a bit more cheer to the 1st day of the New Year.

I hope your year has started off well.
Wishing you all positive things this second day of the year.



My hobby seems to be collecting hobbies and crafts. There's so many things to make and do that I can't focus on one single one for very long at a time. I blog to share my latest craft or thoughts with folks and hopefully get their thoughts and suggestions too.

10 thoughts on “Did you get the luck?

  1. This looks like a wonderful tradition! We have a quiet meditation in gratitude for the past year and the new year to come, around a candle. It is very simple and always feels special. May the blessings keep coming all through the year ☺💖 xxx

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    1. Thanks CW
      Your tradition sounds very comforting and it would bless the new year with positive energy. I think some of us could use some time around a candle being more reflective and appreciative. Wishing a you a blessing filled 2018. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Anita
      I think it makes our New Year start off on a more enjoyable note by doing the old timey traditions. Not everyone has traditions, but that’s okay, that’s what makes life interesting. 😀

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  2. I have not heard of that tradition. I may have to try it someday. Right now it is -12 with the windchill here in Michigan. Brrrrr. The sun is shining, so it is pretty, but very deceiving here, too. I am so looking forward to Spring. Happy New Year, stay warm.

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    1. Thanks Ginny
      This is a southern tradition and a family tradition as well. Traditions make the New Year a bit more fun.
      Oh my stars, ya’ll are frozen solid. Bundle up and stay safe and warm.
      I agree, I’m so looking to Spring too!
      I send you warm thoughts for a thawing Happy New Year! 😀


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