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Not a Dummy Nest – 1st Harvest Onions

I’m happy to report that the wrens nest is not a dummy-nest.
The nest is a viable fully functioning nest with 5 eggs.
I’m not fast enough to get a photo of Mama Wren, but I managed to get a pretty good photo of the eggs.
I hope in the near future there will be 5 little birdies in the nest.

My husband harvested our first crop out of the garden: a mess of onions.
So, our gardening season is off and hopefully if the critters allow it we’ll have lots of yummy veggies.

It’s been raining off and on the past couple days.
The world around us is turning into a grand green oasis.
I’m so happy to finally see flora and fauna flourishing.

Wishing you all a Happy Tuesday.



My hobby seems to be collecting hobbies and crafts. There's so many things to make and do that I can't focus on one single one for very long at a time. I blog to share my latest craft or thoughts with folks and hopefully get their thoughts and suggestions too.

14 thoughts on “Not a Dummy Nest – 1st Harvest Onions

  1. Sometimes its so difficult to get a picture of birds they are so quick. We managed to get a nice one of the baby blackbirds when they hatched (3 of the 4 eggs were viable) but then we didn’t want to disturb mum and stop her feeding them so we didn’t try again until they fledged. Hubby was lucky enough to notice only one baby left so kept a very close eye on it and managed to get it just as it was leaving the nest, but we never saw them again, though both mama and papa kept disappearing into the hedge with food.

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    1. Hi SG
      Aw, fresh hatched birdies are so cute. It’s fortunate that your husband was able to get a photo of the last one leaving the nest. It’s sad not to see them again, but sounds like they hid and were well taken care of. 🙂


  2. two fun things! Birds eggs are so exciting, and eating what we grow is also!

    We enjoyed the asparagus for a few weeks, but now must let it grow and strengthen for next year. Eagerly watching the garlic grow, and hoping it is protecting the lettuce and carrot seedlings from marauding fauna. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Salpal
      Fresh homegrown asparagus is a tasty treat. It takes patience to grow it. I hope you’re right about the garlic. The fauna sure are a persistent lot. It’s so great to find a natural deterrent and plus getting to eat the garlic too is a bonus. 🙂

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      1. Homegrown asparagus is, indeed a tasty treat! I hope to someday have a much bigger bed so I can freeze some for the rest of the year!

        As for garlic, I love growing that, too, and it is so easy! I thought to try hiding lettuce and carrots there when I noticed that bunnies and deer were leaving it alone. Kind of like the daffies. Next year I will hide my tulips there, too. I hope it works!

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