Random 5 For Friday

I’ve a new knitting loom project in the works. I hope to get it finished soon. Here’s a sneak peak.

I bought a sunflower mat and butterfly flowers from the fundraiser my niece’s sorority was having. I wish it was warm enough to get these darlings growing, but that’ll be a couple months from now.

The freezing snap we had this past weekend bit our pear tree blossoms and made them start turning brown. The pear trees are usually so pretty with their dainty white blooms, but this year, they’re sad looking.

It’s warmed up a smidge here, it’s a dreary, rainy 42°. We’ve had so much rain that even the daffodils look sad.

 Earlier this week we had internet trouble. We bought a new router and thought that would fix the issues. Well, it did for about 24 hours then the issues returned worse than before.
I picked up our home phone to call internet support and was met with a shrill squelch and loud static. I checked our other house phone lines and they were dead.
I thanked the good Lord above for my handy-dandy mobile phone and then called the phone company and reported the issues.
They sent out a service guy and he discovered that our phone trouble was caused by line issues down-the-road-a-ways. It took 3 service people a few hours to fix the landline.
Our phone works great and the internet is faster than ever… Yep, you guessed it, we didn’t need a new router. However, since our other router was 4 years old, we decided to keep the new one. We’ll hang on to the old one for back-up.

I hope you all have a weekend free of cold and internet issues.




16 thoughts on “Random 5 For Friday

  1. Seems that spring is still far away….. sad that the cold weather “bit” your pear tree blooms, and the rain drenched your daffodils. Glad your phone/internet problems are all repaired!

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    • Thanks Dianna,
      It really does feel like Spring is farther away than a few weeks. Hopefully the rain will slack off and the temperatures will even out soon. 🙂


    • Thanks Pip
      Yes, it’s sad not to see beautiful white blossoms. I’m not sure if the trees will have fruit or not. Our pear trees are all ornamental pears and have tiny inedible fruits. So, thankfully, we won’t miss it if they don’t have any. 😉


  2. Your look knit project looks intriguing!

    Spring seems like it wants to be here in NC but Winter doesn’t quite want to go away yet. We will have a nice day here and there, then a stretch of cold days again and lots and lots of rain. My yard has been an absolute mud pit. It was finally drying out a bit and yep, several more days of rain that started this afternoon! J started removing trees from the fence line of my property for me. I’m nowhere near being able to afford the fence yet but he said he wants to make sure the fence line is clear as that is a task that will take a while so if it is already done, once I’m able to get fencing it can go up that much faster. I’m kind of hoping he is planning to help me pay for it though he has not said so. We shall see I guess. I’m still not going to like where I live but a fenced yard would help me enjoy my property a little. The girls need to be able to get out and run so they need a fence… but I also need to be able to go out and enjoy the sunshine sometimes and would like to plant some flowers and make the yard pretty so the fence is as much for me as it is for them. I may not be able to drown out the noise from the neighbors, or the stink from their cigarettes (tobacco and otherwise) but I can at least have some semblance of privacy.

    Life is keeping me busy lately. My hours at work aren’t great but though I have quite a bit of time off I have lots of other things that need to be dealt with so they don’t feel like days off.

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    • Thanks CW,
      I hope my knitting project works out as well as I planned. I’m designing it myself, so it could go either way. 😉
      Your weather is like ours. It sounds like you all are being drowned too. The mud is an unwelcome aggravation.
      That’s great J is helping clear off the trees and making way for your fence. That’ll speed things up when you get the resources to put it up. J’s a peach in my book.
      I can just imagine how much fun your girls will have romping around freely in a fenced in yard.
      Sunshine and flower beds would be such a lift to your spirit. Gardening is so relaxing too, a good stress reliever. I hope you and J can get a fence put up this year.
      Yep, I know what you mean. It’s disheartening some times when days off are all work and little resting. Thankfully, Spring is on it’s way and hopefully dryer warmer weather will be around soon. Maybe you’ll catch a break soon and can relax.. 🙂


  3. Hope the weather improves soon, E.C. – the flowers look kinda sad. Your knitting project looks interesting, however! Glad your phone & internet problems are fixed. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much Anita,
      I hope so too, sunshine would make me feel ever so much happier.
      I’ve designed my loom knitting project myself, I hope it works out well.
      During my internet/phone issues, I discovered I was more attached to them then I thought I was. lol 😉

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    • Thanks Sheryl,
      I agree, the technology is finicky and dreadfully frustrating. When it’s ailing it drives me right round the bend. But when it’s running right it brings a lot of extra joy to life. 😀


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