Big Beautiful Daffodils

We bought 4 pots of big, beautiful daffodils to plant. We figure we’ll have a nice showing in our yard for a little while before they die-down. There were 6 to 7 bulbs in each pot and with the 50 bulbs that I’ve recently bought we’re hoping to have oodles of great big beauties in 2024. We planted the daffodils and the daffodil bulbs yesterday. The weather was perfect for it.
I apologize for the quality of my photos. Yesterday was a wonderful 58°F, no wind, but it was overcast, and my camera has issues with dimmer settings.

Here’s wishing you all a week full of sunshine and smiles.


11 thoughts on “Big Beautiful Daffodils

  1. In the last week and a half we have had 2 ice storms and yesterday 8-9 inches of snow. I am so ready for Spring. Your Daffodils put a smile on my face. So beautiful and definitely a sign of Spring. You are going to have a field of happy daffodils in 2024!1

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    • Oh My Goodness Ginny,
      You all are getting drowned in the depths of cold and snow. I hope your area is starting to thaw and Spring will answer your call and come visit real soon. 😊🌻
      Sorry I haven’t replied. I’m having computer issues. :/


      • No worries, E.C. Computers can be a bit of a pain when they want to.
        So far the snow has stopped here. The rain and storms are here and still coming. But that will just make the grass green and get things to start sprouting.


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