Wacky Wrap Saga

For those not too familiar with corner-2-corner (c2c) crochet, it starts off with a triangle and then when you reach the width you want, you can decide to either make it square or rectangle. The above photo is a picture of one of my more favorite c2c creations, a scarf I made in 2021 using a block stitch. I used ‘Lion Brand Yarn Ice Cream Big Scoop Yarn, Lemon Meringue’. It’s so soft. I made this scarf in honor of my Mom, she loved yellow and lemon in everything. ❤️

Now back to my Wacky Wrap Saga…
I had planned for my shawl to be a rectangle wrap done with a c2c v-stitch. It took a while for me to work the pattern out to get it to look promising.
It took me a few unravels, but finally it was working out to be a pretty good rectangle. I was so happy.
Yes, it went along pretty well, that is, until I reached the finishing point and needed to square-off the end.
And then, no matter what stitch-pattern I tried, it would not square off. I unraveled it four times and finally decided to let nature take its course. I decided to stop at the end of the 5th skein of yarn. I ended up with a finished wacky wrap.
72 inches long – 1st side.
60 inches long – 2nd side.
24 inches wide.
It’s not too awful looking.
My sister just pointed out that that my wacky wrap looks a bit like a pants pattern.😂
I like it. It’s quirky and has character.
It’s so soft.
I’ve already been using it.

Wishing you all a successful week and happy crafting!




6 thoughts on “Wacky Wrap Saga

  1. Ha, Wacky Wrap sounds like a good name! Letting things go gives wonderful results sometimes, and I’m glad this is one of those times.

    I like your earlier scarf too–the colors are so soft, and the c2c pattern looks so good.

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    • Thanks so much Anita,
      I’m really enjoying my Wacky Wrap.
      My earlier scarf turned out amazing. It’s such a nice feeling of accomplishment when a project works out so well. 🙂

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  2. I didn’t see the pants pattern until you mentioned it, LOL! No one will know the wacky shape of it while it is wrapped around you, keeping you warm and comfy. It is serving it’s purpose 🙂 I love the blues and browns together. And the Lemon scarf is beautiful.

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