My Kindle Books

booklesI thought I’d post my book-list for my new blogging buddies and guests that may not know that I’m a self-published writer of a few ebooks.
I write under the pen-name of Dazey Shell.
My books aren’t anything fancy nor are they professional.
I published these books a few years ago.
I may write/publish more someday.

You’re welcome to visit my Amazon bookshelf.
Book Shelf of Dazey Shell

If you read some of my books, I hope you’ll let me know what you think of them.


A Few Thoughts on Growing Squash

I mostly grow round or ball squash, but my thoughts on planting and growing them are the same methods that I use for growing the traditional summer and winter squash.

There’s over 2 dozen photos including a couple of galleries in the back of the book some of the squash varieties, along with their name and if they’re summer or winter squash.


Spinning Spokes Basic Quilt Block Pattern

This is a short booklet of the basic patterns and instructions on how I make a Spinning Spokes quilt block.

A Mother’s Lament

Lament is a special place between heaven and hell for parents who volunteer to take on the sins and punishments of their children

‘A Mother’s Lament’ is a short tale of a Mother who is willing to sacrifice all to give her daughter the one thing she couldn’t in life.

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A Wee Giant Tale

‘A Wee Giant Tale’ is my epic poem about a young lady named Shyla. She lives in the ancient city of Aramay that’s invisible to human eyes and ruled by a counsel of Elders. Each of the citizens are predestined for a specific event and they must remain in the city until their destiny calls.

Aramay’s nearest neighbors live in a coastal village. The village is savagely attacked by a Giant. Shyla feels the citizens of Aramay should come out from behind their protected walls and help stop the Giant. The Elders of her city refuse to help and even refuse to let her go help the victims. All seems lost until the answer comes to Shyla in dream. she defies the Elders and goes out alone to try to stop the Giant’s murderous rampage.

Does it work? Can Shyla stop the massive Giant? Will there be a lasting lineage of good born out of her efforts?

“I wrote this poem in a manner that is hopefully reminiscent of a simple styled ‘voice play’ like an old radio drama with Narrator and the other character‘s named above the stanza’s where they speak.” – Dazey

Penning Poesies

A small book of 10 poems and 2 songs about emotion, celebrations, & tributes.


Into The Outermost & 31 other poems

32 poems of various lengths about many aspects of life with quite a bit of curious whimsy poetry sprinkled throughout the book too.

You’re welcome to Visit
Book Shelf of Dazey Shell




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