Redwork block 10 – Fluffy Cat

I drew this fluffy cat is honor of a magnificent cat that we had many years ago named Einstein. He weighed in at around 25 lbs & had gorgeous fluffy orange hair. He was a comical character always nosing into things. He was with us for 9 years. Sometimes he’d go in another room and […]

Redwork block 9 – Happy Puppy

This happy puppy reminds me of our dog Princess Penny.  She was a special part of our family for about 7 years. She was a mix breed, but we thought of her as a lemon beagle. She was a hefty dog of around 54 pounds. She was a wonderful guard dog. She let us know […]

Redwork block 8 – Dove

I’ve always liked this little birdie of mine. I think of it as a peace dove even though I suppose it doesn’t exactly favor a real dove. I like having it in my throw as symbol of the peaceful & pleasant life that I wish for everyone. Wishing you all a peaceful and pleasant day. […]

Redwork block 4 – patches

I drew this picture of patches thinking about when I was a little girl perhaps 7 or 8 years old, I had a pair of soft light pink knee-high socks that I absolutely loved. I wore them so much that I wore the heals out of them. Mom sit down with a couple small pieces […]

Redwork block 3 – fishbowl

This little fishy in a fishbowl, I drew with sweet memories of when I was a child and won a goldfish with a bowl at the fair. I sure loved my goldfish and the joy of winning it on my own made me feel so grown up. lol Seriously, it was amazing how many of […]

Redwork block 2 – butterfly

A lot of my pictures are snippets from memories. To me my butterfly is reminiscent of the butterfly designs that were so popular back in the early/mid-70’s. I remember earrings, necklaces, key-chains, bracelets, Tee-shirts, notebooks, posters, decals, embroidery patterns & other groovy stuff donning butterflies. 😉 Wishing you all joy & success in crafting. 🙂