2016 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Rare – Skookum Doll

2016 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

P1050186My husband inherited a cedar chest and amongst the few things left in the chest was this doll. I didn’t know anything about the dolls before this one. This is a Skookum doll. We don’t know who bought it nor when. It may be over 70 or 80 years old.

This Skookum Doll is 11 1/2 inches tall.
He has a banner that says ‘Painted Desert Park, Ariz.’
His legs are squared wooden dowels.
His shoes and leggings are felt.
He wears a headband.
He has a folded blanket wrapped around him so that it looks like he has folded arms.

*The Skookum Dolls aren’t authentic Native American Dolls. They were first made by a woman named Mary McAboy in 1913 and were produced until the 1960’s. The first ones she made she carved the heads out of apples. There was a problem with shelf life of the dolls. When they became popular as souvenirs, she teamed up with a manufacturer and started making the heads out of composition or plastic.

 Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!


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