2017 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Screech is Waiting for Spring

2017 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

“ Share a snapshot that shows a sense of waiting. ”
Screech has his feathers back now and is as handsome as ever.
The Summer’s almost over,
Screech’s duties to the nest are over for this year.
Once again he’s returned to our barn for resting
and waiting until the next Spring nesting season.

 Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!


2017 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Textures – Herbs

2017 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

“ We consume photos through our eyes,
but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a tactile element, too. ”There’s several textures of different varieties of herbs.
velvet soft common sage, spikey onion chives,
wispy fennel, spoon leaves of basil, candy-leaf stevia
needle-like leaves of lavender & rosemary.

and of course the herb bed itself has textures,
Soft marigold petals & fragrant fronds,
hard resin birdbath filled with cool water,
smooth cool concrete stepping stones,
coarse limestone rocks, gritty potting soil,
rough landscaping logs,

the bed surrounded by a carpet of grass

 Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!



Black Swallowtail Butterfly Lifecycle

Here’s my video of the black swallowtail butterfly emerging from it’s chrysalis. It’s pretty neat to see the butterfly emerge and watch it climb as high as it can. My video isn’t perfect, but I’m glad to have it anyway.

Here’s a gallery of the basic lifecycle of the black swallowtail butter from egg to butterfly. 
*There another stage not shown; a shedding of the skin off of the chrysalis. I wasn’t quick enough to capture that stage in a photo or on video.
These photos are from different butterflies. I tried to choose the clearest photos to share. I copied some of them from my video of the chrysalis hatching(?).

And for now, with the exception of watching new caterpillars in the wild, this ends my butterfly farming for the year.  I think it was a success.

Wishing you all a successful week.

*edited in 7-12-2017- Over the past few days, I’ve been watching some black swallowtail butterfly eggs and today I discovered they hatched. I managed to get a photo of the tiny caterpillar less than 24 hours old. I added the photo to the gallery.