Random Five Friday – 10-7-2016

p1070804Yesterday morning I looked out and saw a herd of deer in our backyard. I grabbed my camera and took some photos and a movie.

hrbbrdSomething killed a bird and also dug up the corner of my herb garden. We can’t imagine what made such a mess.
p1070854Our ornamental pear trees are full of little fruits. The birds and critters really enjoy these. It’s ashame the pears are inedible for humans.
brdcrxI’m making some progress on my cross stitch. Having other color threads loaded on needles is the way to go.
p1070927No reason for this photo, it helps make 5 randoms
I just think it’s a pretty marigold.
Wishing you all a safe and pleasant weekend.


Snowberry Clear Wing Hummingbird Moth

IMG_4598I was happy to see a Snowberry Clear Wing Hummingbird Moth feeding on my flowers. It’s quite a rare moth to see in my yard/garden. I tried to get some good photos of it to share, but it didn’t cooperate and most of them are blurry.IMG_4602

I have some photos from the first one of these I saw was in July of 2011. I felt special when it rested on a leaf like it was posing for me. I had shared these on my old enjoyingcreating blog in 2011. I figure it’s been 4 years and it’s okay for me to share them once again.P2070003P2050013P2050014

I hope you all have a special week of smiles.



Lavender herb or flower


My lavender is blooming. I bought it last year thinking I was going to give using lavender herb a try.

I read a recipe of lavender infused tea. Oh it sounded so lovely and pleasant like it would be refreshing on a hot Summer day.
I was talking to my BFF about the lavender tea. I pondered aloud “I wonder what lavender tastes like.”
My BFF laughed and said, “It probably tastes like purple.” lol

It was a bit late in the season for me to a start seeds, so I decided to buy an already growing plant. I found one at a local plant/fruit stand. It was a lovely little thing. On the way home I imagined myself, lounging on our back porch with an icey glass of lavender infused tea.

After I got the plant home, I looked it up on the internet and discovered there’s different varieties of lavender. The plant stake that came with mine was plastic with a picture of a grown plant and said ‘lavender’, but didn’t say what variety. So, I decided not to try it, since I couldn’t be sure if it was safe to eat or not.


I gave up on making any lavender recipes. Sadly, I took the little plant and planted it in one of my flower beds. It grew quite a bit over the summer. I figured it would die during the winter, but this Spring it was a nice surprise to see that it survived.

I don’t know if it’s edible, but I plan on letting it grow and survive for as long as it can. I think it gives a bit of character to my flower bed.

I know the photos of this lavender aren’t top quality. But for some reason my camera has struggles trying to focus on it.


Do you think this variety is edible?

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend.cloudhugspgrnbgln