Wednesday Thoughts – Zinnias

I’m missing the greens and rainbow colors warm weather brings.

Wishing you all warm memories and pretty thoughts!



Blooming 8 o’clocks video

In October of 2017 I made a post about wondering if a volunteer plant might be an 8 o’clock flower. I’m happy to tell you that the plant is an 8 o’clock flower (evening primrose) After about 13 years a little dormant seed has grown into a real beauty that brings an extra smile to our evening.Every evening my we go outside (and light the mosquito lamps) and watch the 8 o’clocks bloom. The 8 o’clocks start blooming around 8:15pm and continue to bloom until about 8:30pm. It’s so fun to watch a flower bloom. We’re like two old silly-hearts out there, oohing and aahing with each petal moving and blooming. A bit like watching fireworks.It’s hard to get a good photo in the dimming evening light. To get a better photo of the flowers,  I go out in the mornings and take photos of them. The blooms are so lovely I wish they’d last all day, but they don’t.

I’ve made a video of one of the blooms opening. It’s hard to film at the time in the evening, but it turned out pretty good I think. I sped the video up where it’s 8x faster than normal. Speeding it up lessens the megabytes. I hope you enjoy it.

I hope your week is a pleasant one.




8 o’clocks

We’ve been keeping an eye on a volunteer plant that has grew in the corner of the porch and house. It’s done well and has only a bit of bug damage. We’re hoping it continues to survive.You may wonder what it is about the plant that has interested us so. The thing about this plant is that I believe it to be an 8 o’clock (a variety of evening primrose, king’s cure-all, fever plant).

Over a decade ago, we raised some 8 o’clocks for a couple of seasons. We had to stop because of Japanese Beetles. Those evil little bugs infested our patch of 8 o’clocks like a plague. It was horrid. And of course, they didn’t stop with the 8 o’clocks, they ate our corn in the garden and our roses too.
So, sadly we dug up the 8 o’clocks and bagged them up and tossed them in the local convenience center.
It solved the Japanese beetle problem. We had very few japanese beetles from then on.

If the plant growing in the corner is in fact an 8 o’clock, then the seed would have had to have been lying there buried deep enough to be dormant for around 13 years. Amazing, it is.
8 o’clocks are biennial, so if it survives the winter, it should grow a stalk and bloom next year.

Okay, now for the coolest part about an 8 o’clcok.
The part that I absolutely go silly for…
At 8 o’clock in the evening you can watch the bloom pods begin to move and then burst open in full bloom. (Okay, ours was more of an 8:15 o’clock,) but each evening you could see us sitting outside in the flower bed staring at the buds. It was one of the coolest things, almost magical.The blooms close when the morning comes.

My photo of the blooms is from 2004, it’s the only good photo of the 8 o’clocks I have. I had a small digital camera back then and I wasn’t very efficient at using it.
Now I have a better camera, so I hope that the green plant is an 8 o’clock. I would love to set up my camera and make a movie of it as it bursts open in bloom.

I’m looking forward to next year and seeing if the green plant in the corner is an 8 o’clock.

Have you ever watched a flower bloom in real time?


Impatiens, Basil, Marigolds and a Dandelion

The cool nights are starting to cause my impatiens leaves to turn yellow. Just a note here, if you ever wonder what variety of flowers do well growing in the shade or in a pot in the shade, impatiens are the way to go. I discovered their shade loving this year. I originally planted these two plants in the flower bed, but they about melted away in the sunshine. I hadn’t realized that the sunshine would do that much harm to them. I transplanted them in to pots and set them on our table on the back porch. They have grown and flourished. I plan to buy a few of them next year. We enjoy having flowers blooming on the porch and these impatiens have lasted the entire season.~*~
My basil is looking well. I transplanted it to a larger pot.
I set it outside when the weather allows and bring it in at night.
I’m happy with it’s progress so far.~*~
Earlier this Summer I tossed some of the dead-marigold-blooms in the end of one of our small flowerbeds. I thought nothing of it until some little plants started growing. Wow, they look better and are thriving better than the original ones we bought from the nursery. I think that’s pretty neat.~*~
I thought of the first ‘Ice Age’ movie when I
saw this lovely dandelion bloom.
I smiled, took a photo and wondered if
“it is the last dandelion of the season.”
If it’s Autumn in your region,
are the flowers still blooming
or has it been too cold?


Rooting an Accidental Rose Cutting

Around the first week of July some critter broke a little stem a few inches long off my red rose bush. I brought the stem in the house and put it in a 3 oz. Dixie cup of water. I figured it would sit there and probably die, but I didn’t have the heart to throw it away.

I checked the water everyday and added water when it was needed. I was surprised, after a week that it looked like the stem had tiny root buds. The leaves were still healthy, but I clipped them off to hopefuly help it expend it’s energy on rooting.

I didn’t know roses would root in water. I read up on roses rooting in water and apparently it does happen but the survival rate is quite low. The roots grown in water aren’t like the roots grown in soil. I added potting soil to the cup and kept it watered almost muddy.

A week later I noticed some buds trying to grow. After another week I transplanted it to a small flower pot. I’ve kept it outside on the backporch in the shade and set it in the sun a few hours everyday when the weather allows.

The rose cutting has rewarded me with some healthy new leaves.
It’s doing so well. Before too long, I’ll need to transplant it in the ground, but I worry about it surviving the winter. Anyway, for now, I’ll enjoy it’s progress.

This rose cutting is my best success at rooting a rose and it was an accident. A happy accident.

Have you had any happy accident with growing flowers?

Wishing you all a happy week.