Potato bucket, Gardening & fan nest

One of my potato plants grew tall enough to add more soil to the bucket. I may have went a bit over board with the soil. As you can see, I kept the plant a couple inches tall and buried the leaves, so maybe it’ll be okay. It’ll make me happy if I actually luck up and grow an edible potato or two in the buckets.
The garden is growing and doing well.
Except for our beans. The bunnies are eating the tops out of them. We figure the beans may still mature and produce as long as the plants have some leaves and are healthy. Our squash is loaded with babies. It won’t be long until we have a nice fresh mess of straightneck squash.The cucumber vines are growing nicely and has a few blooms. We grow cucumbers for salads and to snack on. These few plants will produce enough for us for the summer.The corn looks good and is growing strong. We hope we’ll have enough corn to freeze several bags for the winter.We’re happy with our little garden. It doesn’t require much attention (yet). We like having the more compact smaller garden.

It’s that special time of year for birds to nest. A couple of birds tried to build nests in our fans again on the back porch. My husband cleaned out the twigs and fluff. Thankfully there wasn’t an egg in the nesting. We now keep the fans running on low during the day to deter the birds from trying to build nests again.
I hope your plants and flowers are thriving and growing well.
Have a great week!

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Well I didn’t have to worry about adding too much soil after all because the potato plant took care of it.


Potato in a Bucket

I think it’s neat how much the potato plant looks like a green rose.
I never realized a potato plant grew like this… but then I’ve never had a day-to-day view of a potato plant growing in a bucket.
Perhaps it’ll start to get taller this week and will become a potato plant.

I hope you all had a good weekend
and will have a nice week of sunshine.


1st harvest 2017 & potato bucket update

I’m happy to finally have our first harvest. I pulled some green onions and cut some chard. It was fun and I wish I had more veggies ready to harvest.

I cut some sweet basil. I forgot to get a photo of the cut basil, but here’s one of it still on the plant.

I put the chard in the refrigerator for future use. I used the onions and fresh cut sweet basil in Bruschetta. Then I made some Bruschetta toasties for supper. The toasties was really good and a nice something different. I had quite a bit of Bruschetta leftover for later.

One of the potato plants has broken the soil. It looks like a wee green rose nestled down in the potato bucket. I had trouble getting a good photo, but I wanted to post it anyway. Perhaps this wee green rose is the start of a bucket full of potatoes. I hope I hope.It looks as if our little garden is off to a good start. Hopefully we’ll get more harvest and maybe even have some produce to store for winter.

Happy gardening!


5-7-2017 Potato Experiment day 1

5-7-2017 Potato Experiment day 1
I found a couple of small potatoes in my potato bin that had sprouted a bit. I considered putting them in the edge of the woods for the critters. Since there were only 2, I decided to try something that I wanted to try for years; growing potato plants in a bucket.According to what I’ve read, if you plant a potato in a container that you can add soil or straw around the plant as it grows taller, it might produce a bucket of potatoes. I’m using store bought garden soil because that’s what I have on hand.

These particular potatoes are regular yellow eating potatoes. I’m not sure how well they’ll grow in the buckets, but I think it may be interesting to try. (plus it’ll give me something else to blog about. 😉 )

I’m using a couple of old 5 gallon buckets that I used in years past as planters on the porch. They have holes in the bottom for drainage. I put about 5 inches of garden soil in the bottom.

I cut the part that sprouted off the potatoes.I then placed the potato pieces in the soil.I covered them with about an inch of soil. I gave each bucket about 4 cups of water.

Now I wait.
I’ll post an update if a potato plant starts growing.

Have you ever grew potatoes by a method like this?
If so, did the potatoes grow and produce very well?

I hope you all have a lovely day!

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