Fan Bird Nest

P1030106Friday afternoon we had to spend some time cleaning the back-porch ceiling fans. It would seem that birdies have decided that since the fans make handy bee-fob nurseries and it not bother the humans… then the fans should also make wonderful birdie-nest nurseries and it not bother the humans.  Unfortunately, we humans disagree and draw the line at critters nesting in spots that render our appliances useless.P1030118

We always feel sad when we disturb or destroy a nest, but sometimes, it’s necessary. To prevent the birdies from trying to nest on our fans again, we’ll keep our fans running on low for a couple weeks more or less.

Have you had issues with the feathered or furry friends trying to nest where they shouldn’t?
Do you feel sad, like we do when you have to disrupt their nesting?

Here’s wishing you a peaceful co-existence with nature.



16 thoughts on “Fan Bird Nest

  1. They always try to build in my hanging geranium baskets on the front porch. If they’re successful, I’m very careful to only water the plant on the opposite side of the nest. But I try to be too much of a bother (by moving the basket around often) that they just give up and build somewhere else!

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    • Hi Dianna
      Don’t you love it when the birds make it easy to take photos of their nesting? We used to have a rose bush that robins nested in. We loved it. Except for we couldn’t use our front door.
      That’s a good idea to move the basket around to deter the beauties from nesting. 🙂


    • Hi Laura
      I think it’s good you move them and they move on to some where else. There’s no telling how many other folks in our neighborhood move them on before they find a safe undisturbed spot. Good thing birds are fairly tough and we aren’t harming them to make them stop. 🙂


  2. A robin built a nest on top of the electric meter box right near our side door (and the garage door). She was fast, and had three eggs in it before we realized what she had done. Too late to evict her, and fearful of scaring her, we won’t be opening the garage door or getting my car out until the eggs hatch!

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    • Hi Margie
      That Robin must’ve been in a hurry to get her brood reared quick as possible. I wonder if the extra cold of winter had anything to do with how quickly she worked.
      You sound like us. We used to have a rose by the front door that robins would build a nest in and we would stop using that door until the little birdies had flown the nest.
      I hope you have a second car to use. You have a good heart to be patient and wait for the birdies to hatch and have a chance at life. 🙂


        • I didn’t realize that they had more than one brood a year. I agree, I’m curious too if they use the same nest. Interesting. 🙂


          • Further research says the nest will be pretty well trashed by the time the babies leave – messy and full of undesirable bugs too! Momma Robin will build a nice new one, probably somewhere else.

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            • Thanks Margie
              I hadn’t thought of it, but it makes sense that a Momma wouldn’t want to re-nest if it was trashed and possibly infested. Good research info you found, thanks for sharing it with me. 🙂


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