Strawberry Ice Cream Bread

P1050425Well, it was bound to happen, that’s right, I made ‘Strawberry Ice Cream Bread’. One can only bake around with vanilla ice cream or custard for so long before the other flavors become too tempting not to try too.

I had been playing with the idea to use strawberry or chocolate ice cream to make some ice cream bread. I mentioned it to my supportive & wonderful husband and he went out and brought home a gallon of neopolitan ice cream.

P1050416I made a small loaf of strawberry ice cream bread. I’m so amazed how this bread can rise so lovely and come out of the pan without sticking. The strawberry bread has great texture and wonderful taste. I love the pretty color too.

This was such fun to try. Now next up is chocolate. I hope it does as well. I’ll let you know.

Happy creating!


*I used a small batter made like my basic ‘Boiled Custard Bread’ recipe.
Use melted ice cream instead of boiled custard.
Add flour a little at a time to the melted ice cream until the batter is a creamy consistency.
If you get the batter too thick, thin it with a little bit of water.


2016 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Rare – Skookum Doll

2016 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

P1050186My husband inherited a cedar chest and amongst the few things left in the chest was this doll. I didn’t know anything about the dolls before this one. This is a Skookum doll. We don’t know who bought it nor when. It may be over 70 or 80 years old.

This Skookum Doll is 11 1/2 inches tall.
He has a banner that says ‘Painted Desert Park, Ariz.’
His legs are squared wooden dowels.
His shoes and leggings are felt.
He wears a headband.
He has a folded blanket wrapped around him so that it looks like he has folded arms.

*The Skookum Dolls aren’t authentic Native American Dolls. They were first made by a woman named Mary McAboy in 1913 and were produced until the 1960’s. The first ones she made she carved the heads out of apples. There was a problem with shelf life of the dolls. When they became popular as souvenirs, she teamed up with a manufacturer and started making the heads out of composition or plastic.

 Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!


Here’s a couple of links for further reading:
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Five For Friday – hummingbird – carrots – garden news- my clutch pattern

8-18-2016-hummingbirdThere’s an adorable little round hummingbird feeding at our feeders. We’re guessing it may be a baby girl. It sure is cute.

20160819_095857I harvested the rest of the carrots. There wasn’t many. Just enough to freeze for one cooking of a winter soup. Now, when the cold of winter comes knocking, I’m prepared for the first soup of the year made with mostly homegrown ingredients. As delicious as it sounds, I’m not in any hurry to make it though.😉

P1050128My husband mowed the garden down last weekend. Now it’ll rest until we decide to put in a garden  again somedayP1050024My herb garden hasn’t faired well during the dog days of Summer. The herb garden’s so dry that I doubt any of the herbs survive. Only the rosemarys are hanging on with any sort of chance. I’m especially hoping my ‘Madeline Hill Rosemary’ survives the winter and comes back strong next year. It’s special to me because my Brother sent it to me. If the herbs all die out and don’t come back next Spring, I’ll most likely just plant some annual flowers in the little garden bed. That may be pretty. We’ll see…

00-protoclutchI had enough luck making my clutch/wallet by the McCall’s pattern that I was inspired to make my own version of the pattern. I’m changing up some things like the size, amount of dividers and how it goes together. This is my first try, a proto-type. It didn’t turn out like I wanted. It’s warped and misshapen, However, I learned a thing or two about what I need to do to make the next one better. That’s the creating process.

I hope you all had a wonderful gardening season and your flowers, vegetables or herbs were a success.

Have a great weekend!


2016 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Fun

2016 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

1-iccrm-breadI think, Making ‘Ice Cream Bread’ is fun.
It has only 2 ingredients: self rising flour & melted ice cream.

It’s simple to do and it taste good.🙂2-iccrm-bread

 Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!

*’Ice Cream Bread’ can be made by my ‘Boiled Custard Bread’ recipe.
Use melted ice cream instead of boiled custard.
Add flour a little at a time to the melted ice cream until the batter is a creamy consistency.
If you get the batter too thick, thin it with a little bit of water.


I finished my wallet

0-clutchSurprize! I finished my wallet that I posted about 7-14-2016. It only took me a month to get back to working on it, that’s not too bad a length of time for me.

The wallet turned out okay. It’s not perfect, but it’ll be just fine for me.

I messed up by using the foam fusable lining on the main part and it made the oraganizer a bit too bulky.

Two things I didn’t care for about the pattern was:
1) Having to use the method of putting on binding where you have to hand sew the second side.
2) I didn’t like that the bottom part of the dividers wasn’t attached to the wallet base. They free float.
I remedied the free floating problem by running a line of hot glue in the bottom of each divider bottom and glued it to the wallet base. It was an easy fix.

I’m happy I bought and made the pattern. Organizer wallets come in handy.

Happy Creating!

McCall’s Fashion Accessories Pattern
M6768 Design G without the strapP1030975bc

Happy Lefthanders Day!

lefthandIt’s finally here, that special day when the small percentage of us folks can celebrate the fact that we’re different from the rest (and not be burnt at the stake for it. lol)

It’s August 13th National Lefthanders Day!


I’m happy to be sharing this special day with you all.
It’s a fun way to make folks aware that we’re all human regardless what hand we write with.


In honor of the day, I’m sharing my story:

I’m a Cross Dominant Leftie, with Right Hand tendencies!
(Sounds almost naughty, Doesn’t it? lol😉 )

In the early part of my life, I hadn’t met more than a few left-handed people. Back then, not many folks would admit it openly. It carried a stigma and some folks thought it was a shame or we was somehow lesser than the average right-handed human. Happily in the last few dozen years, I’ve met many lefties and we’re just ‘proud as peaches’ to be lefties.

As a child, I was Ambidextrous  and was quite efficient with using both my hands equally. As I grew up, I became what is known as Cross Dominant and adjusted to being able to use my right hand for most everything except for writing.

I remember seeing some of my classmates brow beat, embarrassed and punished into using their right hands. I recall there was even a condescending little ditty the teachers sang over them to embarrass them, they also encouraged the right-handed students to sing it with them. I’ve heard many sad stories from folks and I also remember my parents telling stories about children being physically forced into learning to be right-handed.

My Dad was very firm in his beliefs and he was not a man to be trifled with. There wasn’t a Schoolmaster nor Schoolmarm nor Principle nor Teacher that would have dared tried to change my writing hand. Thanks to my Dad, I was never subjected to the cruel ditty nor did I ever catch any flack about being left-handed  … although I thought I did once…

When I was in first grade, I was sitting at my desk, doing my Math and my left hand grew tired of making the amounts of dots to match the numbers 1-10, so I switched to my right hand.
The next thing I knew my teacher had called in the second grade teacher. They both hovered around me saying things that I couldn’t understand and spoke about my switching hands and then called me ambidextrous.

I didn’t understand the word. They scared me to death. I thought I had done something bad and was in trouble. And like any normal frightened little 6-year-old girl, I began to cry. I thought they were talking ugly about me.

Thankfully I was literally saved by the bell, the last bell of the day. The second grade teacher left to go to her class and my teacher got busy helping everyone line up to go to the buses.

I managed to get my things, go get on the bus and I whimpered all the way home. I was confused and felt so ashamed. I had apparently done something wrong. I was terrified they would paddle me for it the next school day. I tried to hide my tears, but after I got to the safety of my home and parents I fell apart. My parents immediately wanted to know why I was crying and if anyone had hurt me.

Through storms of tears, I told Mom and Dad how the teachers had acted. I couldn’t remember the big word they had called me. I tried to say it but it was too big for my little memory.
So, Mom and Dad asked me what I was doing when the teachers came up to me.
I explained about doing my Math and my left hand getting tired and switching to my right hand.
Dad and Mom both smiled and explained to me that the teachers had called me an ambidextrous and it was a good thing to be and they explained why.
Of course I felt instantly better and special too.

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful day
regardless of what your dominant hand is.

Repost from 8-13-2014