Taking a Break

I need to break for awhile.
I wish you all a pleasant rest of the winter.



Happy 7th Anniversary to me at WordPress!

Wow! 7 years with WordPress. I’ve had a few blogs open and close since I signed up with WordPress.
I enjoy sharing things and making blogging buddies. I look forward to more years of visiting your blogs and reading the wonderful thoughts you share.

To my Blogging Buddies, Readers and Visitors,
Thank you all!

Thank you WordPress for making such a great blogging community.



A Year Of Wednesdays – 2017

In January 2017, I decided to keep my blog active by trying to post every Wednesday. I’m happy to say that I actually succeeded in making a post every Wednesday of 2017. I didn’t always put Wednesday in the title and my post sometimes was very late in the day, but make a post, I did.
For a lot of bloggers this isn’t anything to brag about, but for me it is. I admire the bloggers who have vibrant flourishing blogs. They make blogging fun.
I’m just happy I made a blogging goal and was able to meet it.

To my Blogging Buddies, Readers and Visitors,
I thank you all for a grand year of sharing our worlds together.
I look forward to many more years of sharing.
I wish you all Wonderful Wednesdays for always.