Random Friday Five- (updated) snow, seedlings, girlscout cookies, yarn, abreva

IMG_93821) What a difference a day makes. The above photo was yesterday. The lower photo is today.
This area is where my garden is. I look forward to when it will be filled with growing veggies.IMG_9417
edited in 2-28-2015
My husband was looking at my blog this morning and pointed out that the top snow picture isn’t exactly the same angle as the no-snow one. So I went through my photos from the 26th and was happy to find one that’s real close to the same area as the no-snow one.
So, here it is, the same areas one day apart.
It still fascinates how fast winter snow storms come and go.IMG_9367

IMG_94192) My basil has sprouted and is growing into happy little seedlings.

IMG_90373) With the help of our Grandson, we’ve polished off 5 boxes of girlscout cookies. We certainly enjoyed them.
I buy girlscout cookies from my great-niece who lives in a small town far away from me. I send extra money to have the cookies shipped to me. I love helping her whenever I can.
My problem runs into the Girlscouts of the area I live in. It’s tough to see the little girls in the cold and/or windy weather selling cookies outside some of the local businesses. They’re so pitiful shivering and calling out to passers-by to sell cookies. I respond to their beckonings by explaining to them that I’ve already bought cookies from my niece in another town.
*Here’s what I think might make it better for the girlscouts: I wish the girlscouts would offer a badge that I could buy with their troup number on it and the year I bought cookies from them. When the other troups see it, they’ll know I support Girlscouts and I’ve done bought cookies. Then they don’t have to leave a warm spot to call out for me to buy cookies. The Girlscouts could even switch colors or something on the badges every year so it’s recognizable by sight. Do you think badges would be a good idea?

IMG_92114) I went shopping for some green yarn to make another blanket (for a surprise-gift for a special someone) My husband saw some soft pearl yarn and thought it would make a pretty blanket too. So, now I have oodles of yarn to make 2 more nice soft blankets. I hope I can get them made before next winter.

0221151133-15) During the icy bout of cold weather we had, I had a fever blister break out on my top lip. I treated it with carmex for cold sores (camphor). It tastes awful and so when I saw a commercial for abreva, the fast acting treatment, as soon as we could get out the driveway to go to the store, I bought some. Wow, that stuff worked like a charm for me. I was almost totally healed up with in 2 days. It may not work for everyone and it’s quite pricey for the tiny tube, but to me, it was worth every dime.

I hope you all have a pleasant weekend of sunshine.clnflwrsds


Shelibean the Snow King


We got a peach of a snow last night. Shelibean zoomed in and out of the house so excited and each time got closer to the cold white snow. He finally got up enough courage to investgate the white fluffy covering and then took a good taste of it. He had a fun time running around and jumping in it.
Sheli was so cute I couldn’t resist sharing the only photo of him that wasn’t blurred. lol

Shelibean the Snow King (crop from larger image)

Shelibean the Snow King
(crop from larger image)

Wishing you all fun & goodtimes
regardless of the weather.t0473


Wildlife Wednesday – Mockingbird

This is our resident mockingbird.
It’s like a round glowing like when the sun hits it’s chest feathers.
Sorry about the low quality of this photo.
I tried to take a photo through our kitchen window of our
resident mockingbird sitting in an ice covered tree 2-17-2015.

Wishing you all a warm & happy Wednesday! b0626.jpg


Sunday Cooking

IMG_9310The weather Sunday was too cold and yucky to go anyway, so my husband and I stayed home and cooked.
My husband had been thinking about a better way to smoke a pork roast and I had been thinking up a new cheese herb roll recipe.

IMG_9317It took the roast around 7 hours to get fully cooked. My husband’s method worked out wonderfully.  It has just the right amount of smoky taste to give it character, but not enough to overwhelm. The roast was tender and delicious.

IMG_9257The dough for my rolls was really sticky, but I expected that. It’s my second try at my recipe. My rolls looked better than they tasted. I’m going to adjust the recipe and try them again sometime. I’m hoping for 3-times-charm for my recipe and it’ll turn out better next time.IMG_9292

I love the days when my husband and I both roll up our sleeves and make whatever recipe has been on our minds for awhile. Especially on a yucky cold winters day.

During harsh weather do you do anything special to help enjoy the day better?

I hope the weather evens out and you all have pleasant week.

My Gardenitis is acting up

2-21-2015It’s still cold, but thankfully we’ve thawed out and had a couple rains. The ground is totally saturated. It’s still freezing and below temps though.  The past week of freezing cold damp weather made my gardenitis start acting up. There’s only one real cure and since I can’t cure it by actually working in the garden, I did the next best thing, I started some seed trays. I’ve chosen to use the large peat pellets this year.  Later on, I’ll start a few veggie seeds. I enjoyed working in the bit of soil and planting, but it’s not enough. Thankfully, I have some craft projects in the works to entertain me.

IMG_9222We want to have some colorful low maintenance perennials around our yard. We have fairly good luck with tuber/bulbs. So, we hit a sale and bought several day-lilies. We can hardly wait to plant them.

We’re anxiously waiting last frost so we can treat our gardenitis good-n-proper.
This is all the gardening news for now.

Here’s wishing you all a pleasant rest of the winter.