Flash Freezing Bell Peppers for the winter

1-IMG_4364I’ve harvested quite a few peppers this year. My husband has feasted heavily on the baby bells. Fortunately, there was several left to put up along with the big bell peppers.
Flash freezing and vacuum packing is my favorite chosen method for storing peppers.

Flash freezing is quite simple.
2-IMG_4392I wash the peppers, hull and de-seed them and chop them in to small pieces.
3-IMG_4383I spread the pepper pieces on a tray and put them in the freezer.
*I use my refrigerator freezer. I don’t have a cookie sheet small enough to fit in it, so I cut cardboard the width of it and then cover the cardboard with wax paper (or freezer paper sometimes).
4-IMG_4403It usually takes about a half hour for the peppers to freeze.
I write a date on the vacuum bags. I take the frozen pepper pieces out of the freezer and put them  in the vacuum bags. Seal the bags and put them in freezer to use at a later date.

I look forward to using these peppers in the wintertime in stir fries, soups, meat-loafs and oodles of other recipes.

Here’s wishing you all a fabulous harvest of smiles to
keep stored in your memory like rays of sunshine
to warm you during cold days of winter.

Garden Update – 7-21-2015

IMG_3692We’ve had some gorgeous weather in between storms. The land is green and lush. It’ll be sad to see it going to sleep for the winter. Meanwhile, the view of our yard is lovely and refreshing to enjoy.

IMG_3591Our garden has just about fizzled out. It’s scraggly and long past it’s quaint look. We’re still getting a few veggies though. We’ve enjoyed our garden being small. It’s been easier to take care of and has been less stress to worry about.

Since our garden was so small (and a buffet for deer and rabbits this year), I’m not going to be putting up much of anything in the freezer, except maybe a few peppers, onions and maybe squash.

Wishing you all a gorgeous week of mild weather.
Happy Gardening!

Wildlife Wednesday- tomato horn worm

IMG_3378Last week I was in the garden and spotted signs of a tomato horn-worm on one of our tomato vines. It took me about a minute or so to find the little critter, they blend with the plant so well. I carefully plucked it off the vine and carried it an acre away to where my husband was doing some yard work. He asked me what I was going to do with it? I told him that since I couldn’t kill it, that I was going to leave it for him to do-away-with (since he’s my official bug/creepy crawler exterminator).
I was surprised when my husband replies, “Oh No, you have to take care of this one yourself.”
I looked down at the huge soft pretty caterpillar that was now trying to figure a way off my purple garden glove. It looked like a pet and I knew I couldn’t kill it.
“Well, what are you going to do with it?” my husband ask with a chuckle.
I announced to my husband, “I’m going to put it back in the garden on the tomato vine.”
He just laughed and said, “I’m not a bit surprised.”
I said, “One little caterpillar couldn’t do any more damage to the garden than the rabbits and deer have.” My husband agreed.

IMG_3380I took it back to the garden and left it hanging on the vine where I plucked it from originally. It was still in its sullen-state but hung there without falling. I took a photo of it and went on with my gardening.

IMG_3576Sunday, my gardening didn’t take long. So, I searched around to see if the tomato horn-worm was still on the tomato vine. Sure enough, I found sign that it had feasted on many many leaves and was still happily munching. It is a beauty. I figure it’ll either eat until it’s ready to cocoon or until a bird or creature eats it. Meanwhile, it’s free to be the best big green caterpillar that it can be. :)

Happy Wildlife Wednesday!
Wishing you all a pest free day.

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Update on bee fan fob nursery

IMG_3475One of fan fob nurseries has hatched out.

I wanted to see what the bloom of a sweet basil herb looked like so I’ve let one of the plants fully mature. I was looking at the bloom when I saw a little bee on it. I wondered if it may have been the fan-fob-bee since the basil sits on a table under the fans.

I don’t know what kind of bee it is on the bloom or if it’s what hatched out of the fan fob. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good photo of it, but here’s a couple photos just the same. ;)IMG_3479


Wishing you all a day of Bee-uaty and smiles.





Cherry Cheese-Devine

IMG_3549aThis is a photo of a small slice of cheesecake with a large fresh cherry on the top and basil garnish.
The cheesecake is a store-brand box-mix that we like quite well. It’s simple and quick to make. It’s one of my top favorite desserts. I’ve eaten cheesecake in many different restaurants and the thing about cheesecake that’s always been a bit of a curiosity to me is why it’s called cheesecake because truly it’s not a cake. Cheese-pie might fit, but it’s not really a pie either. I think there should be a different word for cheesecake… maybe cheese-devine. Yep, that might work. ;)

What’s your favorite dessert?

Wishing you all a week of sweet thoughts.

Evil Demon Squash Vine Borer Grub

IMG_3119In mid June I harvested several of my one ball squash. One of my favorite things about these squash are They keep a good long time on the counter with no need of refrigeration.

This 4th of July weekend, I was walking past the counter and looked down and saw Frass piled up on one of the squash I had harvested in mid-June.

I was not happy. Who’d of thought a squash vine borer could be in the stem alive after almost a month of the squash sitting on the counter.

I cut the grub out of the stem, took photos for this post and squished the little devil.IMG_3187IMG_3201

That grub means that my squash vines probably are on borrowed time. In a very short while the main vines in the garden will probably start dying. It makes me so made I could say something very unladylike.

The Squash Vine Borer is one of the most evil bugs in the garden because it’s almost impossible to do anything about them.

Here’s a photo of an adult Squash Vine Borersvb

I hope you all are having productive season
with no major infestations of pests.

Happy Gardening!IMG_2530icon3