Loom Knit Kitchen Scrubbies

IMG_7454Last month my Bff called me to tell me a very helpful hint she discovered: use a scrubby to wash potatoes with.
I love this idea and have used it ever since.

IMG_8189Back in the winter my Bff gave me some nice size scrubbies. They’re bigger than the ones I make. So, she told how many pegs and which loom she used.
I’m so glad she helps me. We have so much fun discussing looming and sharing our projects and ideas with each other.

“Thanks so much my Dear Bff,
Your scrubbies are great and your idea to use them as vegetable scrubber is wonderful.
I’m happy to share your hints with my blogging buddies and readers.” πŸ™‚

I thought I’d make a bit of a tutorial to show how I now make bigger scrubbies.
I use regular 4 ply acrylic yarn and tulle to make my kitchen scrubbies.

My terminology may be off. I can’t find the right words sometimes. πŸ˜‰
Also, this tutorial doesn’t explain how to loom knit, but is written for folks who already know the basics of loom knitting.
If you’d like to take up loom knitting, here’s a link to a youtube.com search results for ‘How to Loom Knit’ It has oodles of videos of most anything you’d need to know to get started loom knitting.

And here we go…

Kitchen Scrubbies
knitting loom
knitting hook
Tulle (or some type netting)
Yarn (I use 2 strands of acrylic 4 ply yarn)
Large Darning Needle

Cut the tulle in 1 1/2 wide strip about 12 to 15 yards long.
Wind the strip of tulle into a ball.

*Leave about a 12 inches yarn/tulle strip to weave in to use as a drawstring when you’re finished.
Or use a drawstring cast-on.
Hold yarn and tulle strip together and cast them on the loom in your favorite fashion.
*I use a regular e wrap cast on.

Using E wrap, knit 12 to 15 rows.
*I usually just knit until there’s about 12 inches of the tulle strip left.

To bind off, take a darning needle and feed it through the loops as you take them off the pegs. Continue until the scrubby is off the loom.

Pull the the yarn/tulle drawstring tight and tie off

Weave the beginning 12 inch strip of yarn/tulle in and out of the cast on stitches making a drawstring.
Pull tight and tie off.

I generally thread the strip through the scrubby and tack it to the other side to secure it in place.

The 5 1/2 inch blue knifty knitter loom makes about a 4 inch scrubby.

I make smaller scrubbies using a Martha Stwart square loom with 20 pegs.

A Scrubby is another handy item that can be made from left over yarn.

Further Resources:
Here’s a link to a tutorial for Scrubbies.
There’s a few differences between it and mine. Go and check it out, it may be a more understandable and a better method for you if you’re interested in loom knitting a scrubby.


45 thoughts on “Loom Knit Kitchen Scrubbies

    • Thanks Dianna
      I agree. I was so glad when my Bff told the scrubbies made good veggie scrubbers. I don’t like the brushes at all.
      I hope you have a great week. πŸ™‚


  1. I want to retire so I can explore all the creative fun things I see on blogs like yours, thank you so much for sharing your creative world and for visiting strawberriesinthedesert.com – I look forward to exploring your blog more!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Debhuntinbrokenhill
      Welcome to my blog.
      Thanks so much for the nice compliments on my blog.
      Crafts like these scrubbies can be done quite quickly or in spare moments. My Bff can whiz right through making scrubbies in about half the time that it takes me. I’m slower and get side tracked easily. lol
      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment.
      I hope you’ll visit again sometime.


    • Thanks Mare F
      I like the scrubbies too.
      Loom Knitting isn’t too hard. My Bff helped alot and also I watched a lot of videos and read my books. I haven’t ventured into really fancy stitches.I stick with the basics. My favorite stitch is the e wrap. It’s quick and simple to do.


  2. I had a question about the tulle. You said 12 to 15 yards. That about equals 36 feet. I’m thinking you meant 12 to 15 feet of tulle? Thanks for any clarification.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi MLT
      Welcome to my blog
      Yes I meant yards. It’s amazing how much yarn or netting it’s takes to make even a small scrubby.
      Thanks so much for visiting.
      I hope you’ll visit again sometime.


  3. thank you so mutch for sharing this pattern, I’m going to make me some, I have some netting laying around ,so I can start wright away.
    Greatings from Ria out of the Netherlands.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Ria Smits
      You’re very welcome.
      Thank you for visiting and leaving me a happy comment.
      I hope you Have fun making scrubbies.


  4. I am trying to make these great scrubbies but I am trying to do it with the nylon netting only. I can’t seem to figure out how to thread the tulle through the scrubby to tack it to the other side to secure it. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi LGB
      Welcome to my blog.
      I’m not sure if I can help, but I’ll try.
      I use a large darning needle to thread my yarn/netting through and then weave it in and out of the scrubby. When I feel it’s secure I cut off the excess yarn/netting and needle. Like sewing with a regular thread and needle.
      Or you could use like-color regular sewing thread and tack/stitch it down.
      I hope this may help.
      Thanks for visiting,
      I hope you’ll visit again sometime.


    • Hi Mira3799,
      Welcome to my blog.
      Scrubbies are fun to make and handy to use. Scrubbies are one of my most favorite things to make on knitting looms.
      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a happy comment.
      I hope you’ll visit again sometime.


  5. Love ur loom knitted scrubbies!! Want to TRY to make some and hope they come out just as nice as ur’s looks!!!!

    I meant to ask in my earlier comment if the Tulle/Netting could be used in 3 inches wide strips instead of 1 1/2 inch wide strips? And it looks by ur pictures like u only use wiite Tulle/Netting with colored yarns!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Ernestine Martinez,
      Welcome to my blog.
      Thanks for your questions. I use whatever color tulle or yarn that I have handy or if I want to match the yarn and netting together.
      You can try 3 1/2 inch wide tulle/netting. You might like it better that way. You can use any color combos you want. I hope you enjoy making scrubbies.
      Thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll stop by again sometime.

      I’ve combined your 2 posts. I hope you don’t mind.


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  7. Thank u for answering my question so quick! I’ve tried making one and was disappointed with mine cause it was kind of hard to get it into a circle shape it came out lopsided don’t know what I’m doing wrong?? But I hope to succeed at making them perfect!!!!! And the center circle especially on the front side kept opening even tho I tried pulling the center close as much as possible! Thanks for sharing ur scrubbies pattern!!

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  8. Have made a few of these loom knitting scrubbies with a little more success but with the worsted weight yarn mixed in with the netting didn’t seem to do a good job getting the stuck on food removed from a pan I washed. So I’m hoping the cotton yarn mixed in with the netting will work better with removing stuck on food! :))

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  9. Hi Ernestine
    I’m glad to read that your still looming. I haven’t tried cotton yarn on the scrubbies. A lot of folks like using cotton yarn, I hope it works out for you.
    Thanks for keeping me updated on your progress.


    • just thought I’d mention that maybe the cotton yarn’ll work better for the scrubbing tho I like the worsted weight cause it a little more thick!! :))

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  10. We’re moving into our first home soon and I’ve been searching for things to make. I’m so excited to come across this! I love loom knitting and I have tons of brightly colored tulle left over from my daughters rainbow themed birthday. I’m working on some now!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Cheyenne Honza
      Welcome to my blog.
      Congratulations on your first home. Having a new home is so exciting. Making crafts for it to decorate and use can be such good fun.
      Sounds like you’ll be able to make a pretty bouquet of scrubbies.
      Thanks you so much for visiting and leaving me a happy comment.
      I hope you’ll visit again sometime.


  11. I am loving the instructions on making these scrubbies. This has been the best one I have seen so far. Thank you. My only question is, the tail at the beginning, is that what you use to cast off, or do you just thread one or two strings of the yarn for the cast off? I know how to do the cast off, but it was a little vague on the instructions.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Lillian
      Welcome to my blog.
      I usually use the end/tail left over at the beginning and weave it in the stitches and pull it tight. There’s a video for a pull string cast on that you might be of help, I’m putting the link in the end of this comment.
      As for the cast-off I leave about a 12 inch tail of yarn/netting end and thread it through needle and weave it in and out of the stitches as I pull the stitches of the pegs. When it’s completely off the loom, I pull the it tight to form the round.
      It’s really a personal choice, you can cast on or cast off what ever way is most comfortable for you.
      Thanks for visiting my site and for leaving me such great compliments.
      I hope you’ll visit again sometime.
      Here’s a link to the cast on method called drawstring cast-on.


      • I actually figured it out from my mistakes on the first one I made and now I am a PRO! They are so much fun to make and I thank you, both for replying so quickly and for posting the instructions.

        In Loving Memory of My Son Patrick
        January 13, 1968 – August 7, 2006

        In Loving Memory of My Son Jimbo
        September 14, 1972 – October 28, 1987

        If love could have kept you safe, you would have lived forever

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    • Hi Bonnie
      Welcome to my blog.
      I haven’t used just tulle or netting. I figure it would work, but the scrubby might be flimsy.
      However, if you try it, I hope you’ll come back by and let me know how it turned out.
      Thank you for visiting and leaving me a comment.
      I hope you’ll visit again sometime.


  12. im hoping to make some soft ones for the bath so will leave out the netting. but i will have to find some netting so i can make some for the kitchen! can these be machine washed easily?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Sarah Speck
      Welcome to my blog.
      I wash my scrubbies in the wash with the towels. It takes awhile to dry them sometimes, so you may want to check them to make sure they’re dry.
      Thanks so much for visiting and leaving me a comment and question.
      I hope you’ll visit again sometime.


    • You’re Welcome Ginny
      I think it’s neat how the toys from childhood can be useful tools.
      I hope he still has it and you can make some scrubbies. They’re real handy.
      Thanks so much. πŸ™‚


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