Garden Update – Everything is growing

The garden sure enjoyed all the storms we’ve been getting.
Everything is up and growing.
I can hardly wait until these plants starts to produce some veggies.
Wishing you all a productive rest of the week!



Garden 2017

We decided on a small garden this year. Yesterday afternoon we planted onions, green beans and sweet corn.
We left a large enough space to plant a few other things sometime soon.

My husband figured it up and our garden has cost about $8.00 so far.  Hopefully, It’ll more than pay for itself a few times over if the weather cooperates.

Wishing you all a productive garden season.



1-8-2017- weather report – frosty


Clear and cold.
Heavy Fog made a frozen coating on the trees & plants.
There’s still have quite a bit of snow laying around.
Hopefully there will be enough sunshine to melt it away.
The forecast for the highs today are near 30°.
We’re thankful for the clear skies.p1100963

I hope your 8th day of 2017 is sunny and pleasant.


1-7-2017- weather report – sunshine

14° Sunshine, clear and cold

Thankfully we didn’t get much snow. The sun is shining beautifully. The roads are already clear, so hopefully the snow will be gone by Monday.

My husband told me yesterday evening that now that we’ve had snow, he’s officially ready for Spring. lol I totally agreed with him.

Hope you all are having a pleasant weekend.p1100849


Garden Update – 1st squash, pepper plants & a toe

babysquashOur squash has started putting on fruit. It’s a shame these first squash won’t mature. They rarely do because the male and female blooms haven’t started blossoming at the same time yet. But none-the-less, at least we’re on our way.

bellpepperplantsWe planted our 58 pepper plants. They’re a bit small and I wonder how many will survive. I’m happy to finally have them in the garden where at least they have a sporting chance of growing into productive plants.

carrottoeOur carrots are almost big enough for us to safely pull weeds from around them. As I was looking through my photos of our carrot patch I found a rock that looks like a toe sticking up out of the ground. Mother Nature sure has a bizarre sense of humor. 😮

That’s all my gardening nonsense for the moment.P1010292



I hope you all have a great week.