How many words or phrases can be made from your blog’s name?

There’s a website that I like to visit when I’m bored or searching for an idea for a new nickname or title to use, it’s ‘Internet Anagram‘.
All you have to do is put in a word or phrase and it shows you many different words or phrases that can be made from the letters.

For ‘joysofcreating’ 36842 anagrams was found, but it displays only the first 500. The first one in the list for ‘joysofcreating’ is my favorite, it’s ‘Forecasting Joy’. Most of the anagrams doesn’t make sense, but it’s still fun to play around with.

With *around 40% of the world population having access to the the internet, it’s getting harder and harder to find nicknames or blog names that aren’t already being used, so Internet Anagram may help someone find one they can use.

Internet Anagram


*Internet live stats



6 thoughts on “How many words or phrases can be made from your blog’s name?

  1. What a clever resource! I tested out a couple of my old blog names (and my current one) to mostly the “doesn’t make sense” results. One, however, did get one result in particular that gave me a good chuckle: Barrel Riding Egg. 😁

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  2. We have a word puzzle in our newspaper every day, where you’re given a word, a time limit, the “average” score and the total number of words possible to make from that given word. I look forward to that every day. I save the paper for the end of the day when all my chores are done, and try to see how many words I can get. I’ve been doing this for several years, and only twice have I gotten the exact number of words without missing any or having any extras. I hate math, but love English, spelling, etc!
    I’ll have to check out the site you referenced.

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