Potatoes, squash, beans, chard, basil, onions, & Temperature Blanket Update

We got a pretty mess of vegetables out of the garden the other day. We were happy we could harvest a few squash.
We had several potatoes; we used some and stored some for later.We have a rule at our house that the first mess of squash has to be fried. It used to be fried in oil in a skillet method. A few years ago, we needed to change our way of cooking to be healthier, so we make a stir-fry instead. Our stir fry is a bit of olive oil, squash, potatoes, basil, onions, and a bit of cornmeal just for nostalgia. 😉

Thankfully, our area is finally getting some rain. My husband thought it a good idea to go ahead and harvest all the potatoes so they wouldn’t ruin. I agreed with him since the potato plants were starting to die and since we got such a nice harvest a few days before.
Considering that we didn’t plant but 5 lbs. of potatoes, I think we got a good harvest.
I’m guessing there’s probably a couple pecks (half bushel)
We’re happy with them.

Temperature Blankets Update:

I decided to skip May temperature blankets update and wait until June to do my update so they’d be a bit bigger than every couple weeks.
They’re still coming along fairly well.

Wishing you all a great weekend!






23 thoughts on “Potatoes, squash, beans, chard, basil, onions, & Temperature Blanket Update

  1. Our first batch of squash always has to be fried also. Think I will try your stir-fry method. Your squash and potatoes look so good.

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    • Thanks so much Peggy
      I’m happy that your first batch of squash is treated the right way like our is. 😀
      The stir fry is mighty tasty. You can add peppers, herbs and seasonings to give a bit more flavor. I hope you enjoy the stir fry. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much Kathy,
      When our potato plants were about 18 inches tall, my husband mounded the soil up around them until they was about 6 inches of the plant left showing above the ground. And that’s the only time it was done this year. I enjoy comparing gardening methods too. How many times do you bury the leaves? 🙂

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      • I think we cover them 2-3 times, sometimes 4. As I understand it, when you cover the plants with soil, it creates more nodes, so more potatoes. I think we stop once they start blooming, then let them go.

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        • Thanks Kathy,
          My husband said that in years past he pulled the dirt up around the potato plants about 3 times. This year, he did it only the one time because of his work and the dry hot weather.
          I wish you a bountiful harvest. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much Anita,
      We’re pleased with our harvest. We enjoy the stir fries very much. We have them often during squash season.
      I’m happy with the way my blankets are coming along. I’m glad to have some bright colors in them now.

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  2. That stir fry looks delicious! And your temperature blankets are coming along so beautifully! I really need to start choosing colors for my own so I can make one (or two, since I love your idea of doing the daily low temperature too!) next year. I’ve been looking at the yarn at Hobby Lobby, trying to choose some colors. I have found a couple I know will be must have, but have not come up with a full color palette yet.

    We are finally getting rain here too. Thank goodness! Although that does mean now the grass will be growing and will need mowed again. I have a very handsome fireman who comes to mow for me now at least. But the sad part is he is unavailable so I can only admire him while he works. And boy do I admire… lol

    I hope you have a lovely week my dear E.C.!

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    • Thanks so much CW,
      During squash season we have a lot of stir fries. It’s one of our favorite ways of cooking squash.
      I’m happy my blankets have finally got some cheerful colors in them. They look better. Finding enough yarn colors in the same brand/size was an issue for me. that’s why I chose RedHeart, well that and it’s more price friendly to my budget. I can hardly wait to see your colors and design for your temperature blankets. I know they’ll be unique and beautiful.
      We need more rain, but are thankful for what we got. True about the lawns. It’s great you have someone to mow your lawn and it’s plus when it’s someone friendly (and easy on the eyes 😉 )
      I hope you have a lovely rest of the week too, dear CW 🙂


  3. Very interesting to see what you are harvesting – we have just barely planted the garden!
    I bury my potatoes really deep – up to 12 inches. Then I never have to hill them. Of course, it takes more energy to plant them!

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    • Thanks so much Margy,
      Digging deep sounds like a honey of a plan. It’d make it a lot simpler and less work for sure. Unfortunately, during dry spells, our ground gets hard a rock. It’s easier for us, to till the soil and pull it up around the plant as the plant grows.
      I hope you have a bountiful harvest. 🙂

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