Candy Corn at Midnight

I searched the internet for a sunflower square pattern to crochet for a blanket. I love sunflowers and think a blanket would be charming to have. I found a few blankets/patterns that were absolutely beautiful. However, they were beyond my skill level and patience level to commit to the learning curve of attempting to make them. If you know what I mean. :/

sungranSo, on I searched and then I landed upon a wonderful pattern called “sunburst granny square”. I immediately liked the look of the square. It took me a week or so to work with the pattern and work out my colors. I’ve worked out color themes for several different squares for throws and blankets. I’m planning to make one or two more. I wonder how that will go. 😉


I call this throw “Candy Corn at Midnight”

As best as I can recall, I’ve never crocheted a blanket using black yarn. My husband and I really like the look of the candy corn colors with the black. I decided instead of a blanket to make a throw for the Candy corn season.

It’s prettier in real life than in the photo.

Finished Size: 40 inches x 48 inches

Size I crochet hook
Darning Needle
Scissors or snippers

4 skeins Black 364 yards 4 weight yarn
2 skeins Pumpkin 364 yards 4 weight yarn
1 skein Bright Yellow 4 weight yarn
1 skein White 4 weight yarn

I like my crochet squares to be a bit tighter than the norm, so I adjusted the pattern:
I did not put single crochets between the puffs and the clusters
I put only one single crochet in the corners.
I did not use triple crochet, I used double crochets

I really enjoyed making the Halloweenish colors throw. It’s quite fun to see. I plan to use it mainly during October each year and keep it stored away the rest of the year.

I hope you all are doing well.
I wish you a fun and safe Halloween season.


10 thoughts on “Candy Corn at Midnight

    • Thanks so much Claire,
      I wish my camera could translate how pretty the candy corn colors are against the black. Like you said, it really pops. 😀
      I have trouble working with black yarns and have to wear my crafty neck light to see. The dark color yarn is the main reason that this is a throw and I didn’t make it into a bigger blanket.


    • Thanks so much Ginny,
      You’re right, It’s a lot prettier in real life. I wish my camera could translate how the candy corn colors pop against the black color. Or, it could be my lack of photography skills. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Margy,
      I wish my patience had of lasted long enough to make it a bit larger. But all in all, I’m quite happy with it. 🙂


  1. Gosh E.C., the throw is so eye-catching – love the combination of colors you’ve used, very Halloween-y indeed. The name you’ve given it also seems very fitting. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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