Male Cow-Killer Ant


Male Red Velvet Ant

redvelvethMy photo for the ‘2015 WP Weekly Photo Challenge – Vivid’ is a female cow-killer or red velvet ant. In the post I mentioned that they’re actually wasps. The female is a wingless wasp and has a painful sting.
The male looks similar to the female only with black wings and the males doesn’t sting.
The male in the photo is the first one that I’ve had the opportunity to photograph. He’s a smidge smaller than the female and quite fast with his wings.

*You can read more about red velvet ants at Orkin’s website:

Wildlife Wednesday – Ants

5-2-2016-antsA few weeks ago, we had an invasion of large black ants. They were on our back porch and had started coming into the house… so we went to the store and read a few ant control products. We decided on the one where the ants go in and get a snack and then go back to the nest and through the course of normal ant behavior other ants in the colony dies out.
After about a week, pretty much the ants all disappeared. It’s a relief not to have to worry about the ants invading our home.

Here’s a video that I took of the feeding station of the ants feeding and leaving.

Wishing you all a pest-free Wednesday!