Wildlife Wednesday – Ants

5-2-2016-antsA few weeks ago, we had an invasion of large black ants. They were on our back porch and had started coming into the house… so we went to the store and read a few ant control products. We decided on the one where the ants go in and get a snack and then go back to the nest and through the course of normal ant behavior other ants in the colony dies out.
After about a week, pretty much the ants all disappeared. It’s a relief not to have to worry about the ants invading our home.

Here’s a video that I took of the feeding station of the ants feeding and leaving.

Wishing you all a pest-free Wednesday!


11 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday – Ants

    • Wow Dianna
      You’re lucky not to have big ants. I wish we didn’t have these big buggers. I realize that Ants are a necessary nuisance though. And as long as they stay in the woods or fields away from me, I’m fine with them doing their jobs in nature. But when they come visiting my home that’s a whole different ballgame. lol


  1. Wow, they are big boys alright -do they bite? Some of ours here can give you a nasty bite that hurts like hell!
    Glad you managed to find a way to get rid of them – you certainly don’t want them in the house.

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    • Thanks Barb
      Yep, they’re biters if you get them cornered. It hurts like the dickens too.
      Do you all have to have professionals to control the ants or can you use the over-the-counter feeding station kind like we did?

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        • Hi Barb,
          I wondered, We’re the same way. There’s some pests that require immediate professional care. I Thank goodness for the otc controls that work, because the professionals can be quite pricey.

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    • Thanks Sheryl
      I agree, I’m thankful for modern science and intelligent folks who come up with these helpful controls. I haven’t seen an ant all week. 🙂


  2. Hi, E.C! It’s always nice to find a product that rids us of unwanted “guests.” I’m still trying to catch up on blogs, and we have family coming into town this week. I haven’t forgotten you, and I’ll be back!

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