Wildlife Wednesday – Black Swallowtail Caterpillars and Parasitic wasps

The Black Swallowtail Caterpillars have been feasting heavily on my parsley. The fennel has almost ran it’s course and I suppose that’s why the Mother Butterflies chose the parsley at last. I’m glad I planted it for just that purpose.

I’m more than a bit miffed about a new discovery with the chrysalises. Apparently there’s parasitic wasps that injects their eggs into the chrysalis. Their young feeds off the butterfly pupae and hatch out. I’ve found several chrysalises with the circular hole in them.

It’s a wonder that butterflies survive at all. 


Wildlife Wednesday- tomato horn worm

IMG_3378Last week I was in the garden and spotted signs of a tomato horn-worm on one of our tomato vines. It took me about a minute or so to find the little critter, they blend with the plant so well. I carefully plucked it off the vine and carried it an acre away to where my husband was doing some yard work. He asked me what I was going to do with it? I told him that since I couldn’t kill it, that I was going to leave it for him to do-away-with (since he’s my official bug/creepy crawler exterminator).
I was surprised when my husband replies, “Oh No, you have to take care of this one yourself.”
I looked down at the huge soft pretty caterpillar that was now trying to figure a way off my purple garden glove. It looked like a pet and I knew I couldn’t kill it.
“Well, what are you going to do with it?” my husband ask with a chuckle.
I announced to my husband, “I’m going to put it back in the garden on the tomato vine.”
He just laughed and said, “I’m not a bit surprised.”
I said, “One little caterpillar couldn’t do any more damage to the garden than the rabbits and deer have.” My husband agreed.

IMG_3380I took it back to the garden and left it hanging on the vine where I plucked it from originally. It was still in its sullen-state but hung there without falling. I took a photo of it and went on with my gardening.

IMG_3576Sunday, my gardening didn’t take long. So, I searched around to see if the tomato horn-worm was still on the tomato vine. Sure enough, I found sign that it had feasted on many many leaves and was still happily munching. It is a beauty. I figure it’ll either eat until it’s ready to cocoon or until a bird or creature eats it. Meanwhile, it’s free to be the best big green caterpillar that it can be. 🙂

Happy Wildlife Wednesday!
Wishing you all a pest free day.

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Caterpillar Burger

We rarely have hotdogs and we had some leftover from the weekend. I decided to cook a hotdog for my lunch. I didn’t have any hotdog buns though. I had only hamburger buns. I wasn’t in the mood to use loaf bread for my hotdog bun and I almost decided not to cook one…
Then I remembered how we used to have quite a bit of fun making hotdog-burgers when I was a little girl. It was such a fun idea and the memories of those days of yore brought a smile to my heart.

*I changed the name of my hotdog-burger to ‘Caterpillar Burger’. Back in 2012, my blogging buddy Tina suggested it and that’s what I’ve called it ever since. Thanks Tina! 🙂

Here’s a set of pictures I took, as I fixed the hotdog,
to share with you, in case you may want to do this too.Down the length of the hotdog, carefully
cut slits a bit more than halfway through.
Place the hotdog in a pan of water
on the stove at med high heat.
Heat water to a full rolling boil.Allow it to boil for a few minutes until
the hotdog bends as far as it seems it will.
Carefully remove hotdog from pan of water
and allow to drain on a paper towel or cloth. If need be, Carefully, bend the hotdog into a circle.
Place hotdog on a hamburger bun. You can enjoy it like this or go to the next step.
Place a slice of cheese on top of the hotdog. You can enjoy it like this or go to the next step.
Place bun on a microwavable safe dish,
microwave for a few seconds until the
cheese is just melted over the hotdog. Allow the hotdog to set until
it’s cool enough to safely eat.

Add chili, mustard or ketchup or
your favorite relish and enjoy.

Tah-dah! And there you have it folks a ‘Caterpillar Burger’.

Happy Creative Cooking!

*I don’t know if microwaved hotdogs will cook and bend in a circle, I’ve never tried them.