Stormy Wednesday – Shelibean – Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal

We’re in the midst of storms. It storms awhile and then stops awhile then repeats. I appreciate the rain, but the glay-gloomy cloud cover not so much. The thunder clashing, lightning flashing, rain pounding and the electricity flicking off and on just ruins Shelibean’s day. He sports his thunder-shirt and lays under a blanket as close to me as he can get. Bless his heart.

Here’s a photo of Sheli in his thunder-shirt that I took earlier this month. He was acting unsettled that day and I put his t-shirt on him and it calmed him. His thunder shirt is a neck tube with two slits cut for his front legs and a u shaped dip cut out from the bottom side to keep him getting it wet when he tinkles. As you can see, it’s a little big in the neck area and hangs low, but Sheli doesn’t seem to mind and it still serves the purpose. Shelibean’s home-fashioned thunder shirt has been a big help in keeping him more calm when he gets scared or unsettled.Here’s a few photos of a bright and fun couple that visits my herb bed alot. I think they’re cheerful bits of color to share on this gray gloomy day.

Wishing you all a cheerful Wednesday.


10 thoughts on “Stormy Wednesday – Shelibean – Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal

  1. awww, Shelibean is so cute! Sorry the thunder is so annoying to him. I love a good storm. We have been having a couple of inches of rain every few days this week. Today is a rainy day, but summer-like hot and humid is coming our way tomorrow. The pool is getting closer to ready every day, but it isn’t there yet. I might have to go to the lake some time this weekend!

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  2. We had storms here, too yesterday. I got soaked from the bank to my car. It was quite dark and the thundering was a bit disturbing. I was glad to get home. Sounds like your puppy was not happy with the storm either. Glad he his thunder shirt was a great comfort to him as I am sure having you by his side helped tremendously. I hope the sun is shining for you today. Love your garden pictures with the cardinals.

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  3. Beautiful photos as always E.C.! Sheli looks so cute in his thunder shirt! I’ve often contemplated them for my girls, they don’t like storms at all especially Princess. Poor thing shakes like a leaf at the slightest hint of thunder. I’m glad my latest possible shifts will still have me home early enough in the evening that if I have to work on Independence Day (since I’ve had a couple days off I don’t know my schedule yet for the week) I’ll be able to get home well before any fireworks start so I can comfort the girls. It’s not a holiday they like at all!

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    • Thanks so much CW
      My Bff took one of her old tee shirts and made her dog a thunder shirt. He’s a big dog, he’s half German shepherd and something mix. Your crafty enough that you could probably do something similar for your girls. I worry about the 4th and Sheli too. There’s been a lot of fireworks fired off over the past week and it makes him a nervous wreck, so even though the storms are gone, Sheli’s been wearing his thunder shirt just about every evening. Bless our puppy dogs hearts. ❤


  4. A thunder shirt… I wonder if one would help calm my Millie down during storms. She’s pretty much an outside doggie, and will run away and hide during storms if left out. I bring her in. She reacts the same to fireworks.

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    • Hi Mary
      Bless Millie’s heart. Sheli is the same way with fireworks and any load noise. Millie is a bigger dog than Sheli and a neck tube wouldn’t work for her. However If you have a spare tee shirt lying around, you could put it on Millie and see how she reacts to it. That’s what my Bff did for her half German shepherd. She told me she’s adding some Velcro around the body part so she can make it fit a bit more snug.
      Let me know if you give this a try.
      Sending hugs to Millie. ❤


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