Wildlife Wednesday – nosy young deer

We saw this youngster trying to figure out how to get in to the tomato cages.
My husband had made and put the tomato cages up a couple hours before.
I’d call that perfect timing. ūüėČ

Happy wildlife Wednesday!


Deer, Gardening & Shrubs

There’s a new fawn in the neighborhood. I was able to get a photo of it and its Mom. They’re so pretty.
Our tomatoes are finally ripening in larger numbers. We like the Roma variety quite well. We eat them like regular tomatoes. They also make delicious juice.Now that our tomatoes are coming in, our squash is coming to an end.Our garden is pretty much at an end. My husband mowed everything down except the tomato, squash and cucumber plants.
I’ve always wanted a ‘Rose of Sharon’, I was delighted Friday when my husband surprised me with a lovely white one.
Saturday, we went for a ride and found a garden center that was having a 50% to 75% off the shrubs. We bought 2 crepe myrtles, a pink rose of sharon and 2 garden phlox.Sunday evening, We transplanted the shrubs in the yard. I’m in high hopes they’ll thrive and bloom and attract more butterflies. We’re happy to have lucked up on such a good deal.

I hope you all have a great week.


Wildlife Wednesday – doe & 2 fawns


Wishing you all a Wonderful Wildlife Wednesday!


*I apologize for the¬†grainy quality of¬†my photos & video. I took them¬†through the kitchen window and it has a screen. I was so happy to see the deer that I had to take photos/video to share with my husband. We’ve both been worried that the¬†deer had left our area¬†for good because of the saw-wielding neighbor cutting down a¬†huge chunk¬†of¬†the woods. We’re over-the-moon that the deer are still in our area.


Cherokee Purple Tomato


Through the years, my brother has mentioned a tomato called a Cherokee Purple. The Cherokee Purple is a beef stake tomato, so it’s a dandy sliced up to put on a sandwich or hamburger. It sounded like it would be a good tomato to grow and eat, but I’d never seen any plants for sale around here.
This year, we found some Cherokee Purple tomato plants for sale. We bought two and planted them. They’re growing well and full of tomatoes. I’ve kept a close eye on the first tomato that began to grow and grew more larger each week. I put my glasses on it to show how large it was when I took photos of it.

I waited patiently and then…

I was so excited the other day to see that the tomato was changing color, ripening beautifully.P1030186Once again, I put my glasses on it to show how large it was. I intended to make a post about this delicious wonder and then…

Sunday, my husband and I went to the garden and saw deer tracks going down by the tomato patch and my gorgeous ripening tomato had been snacked upon. ūüė¶P1030254I was sooo not happy, but there was¬†no sense in getting to upset since we don’t have a fence around the garden. I took some photos and¬† well, our first Cherokee Purple got it’s own post after all.

Storms visited our area yesterday gave the land a good hearty drink. Our garden sure appreciated it. The tomato vines are full of tomatoes so hopefully, we’ll be able to get to one or two Cherokee Purples before the deer does.

I hope you all are having a good week.

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