Fine Feathered Banana

pml-2016This collage photo is compliments of my BFF.  This is her parakeet, Banana.
BFF grows herbs for Banana to keep him healthy and happy. Usually she’ll put the herbs in his cage, but the other day she had an idea to put him on a stand next to a basil plant. Oh what a jolly good time Banana had snacking on the plant.

Thank you BFF for sharing your collage of sweet little Banana, he’s is adorable.

Wishing you all a jolly good day.


Chef Grandson

P1030363aOur Grandson is 15 and loves to cook.  He cooks quite a bit when he visits. One breakfast he made was what I call a ‘stacked omelet’ because the ingredients are stacked. I think they might be more like miniature soufflés or maybe a stacked soufflé.
Chef Grandson used an idea for cooking in muffin tins that he saw online. He used his own choice of ingredients and style of stacking. They baked up beautifully.P1030352Our Grandson is an amazing young man. We’re so proud of him carrying on the family tradition of the menfolk enjoying cooking.

The breakfast was super tasty and a delightful memory we treasure.

Wishing you all many treasured memories.

Happy Memorial Day 2016!


I give a heart felt Salute of gratitude to
all veterans & troops past & present
for all they’ve sacrificed for us,
and for the security & liberty that
they continue to give to us.
I also give a special Salute of gratitude to
their families who sacrifice much more
heart & support for us than we realize.
Wishing everyone a Pleasant
& Safe Memorial Day!



Ornamental Tiger Lilies

a-IMG_5223These flowers are ornamental Tiger Lilies and precious heirlooms to me. They came from seeds that my Mom gave me a couple decades ago from her own ornamental lilies. Mom’s ornamental lilies came from seeds given to her by her Mom from her ornamental tiger lilies. As close as I can figure, this line of ornamental tiger lilies has been in my family for probably 90 years or more.
c-IMG_5423I’m always anxious each year waiting for the bright orange blooms to burst into full color. It makes me smile to see these living beauties of love from my Mom and Grandmother.

I hope you all have a pleasant rest of the week.

Happy Father’s Day Weekend!

adadTo all the Dad’s & Caregivers of our children
Happy Father’s Day!graphics-fathers-day-016564
Here’s wishing everyone a lovely

As a small gift from me to you to celebrate this special
weekend, here’s one of my coloring pictures.
I hope you’ll print it off for a child or children to color.

Before you print this picture off:
Click on the image to open it in it’s own window.
At the top of your browser on the far left hand side choose ‘File’, then choose ‘Print Preview’
At the top of the print preview page is an option for ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’
Try both and choose the one that fits the picture to the page best.
Then print the picture off.


Using a Mason Jar with a blender For a Single Smoothie


My sister has one of those handy dandy single smoothie blender thingies. Like a good little sister still following in her big sister’s footsteps, I wanted one too. I use my blender for smoothies. It’s a bit off-putting to have to wash the many parts for one little old smoothie. So, as I said, I wanted a single smoothie maker.

I went shopping around the internet and was quite dismayed by the prices of the better rated single smoothie makers. I was sad and thought that I’d just stick with my blender… ~sigh of dismay~ and then my little old gears began to turn in my mind and brought forth a memory…

Back in 2001, after a stroke, my Mom couldn’t eat solid foods anymore. My Brother was her primary caretaker and he figured out a way to puree several different foods and keep them on hand without having to clean a complete blender every time: he used mason jars instead of the blender’s pitcher container.
It’s such a clever idea, I asked him how he thought of it.
He told me that back in his younger days, he and his friends made daiquiris in mason jars.
I think it was wonderful he remembered it. I believe that God teaches us things to use later on in life, even when we’re not aware of it. I think the lesson of the mason jar and blender was meant to help during the time of his caring for our Mother.
Mom was certainly grateful for his knowledge and tender care in helping her to try and get better. I wish Mom was still with us. I think she would enjoy the smoothie craze. She loved making milkshakes for us young’uns and our Dad. Mom loved making new recipes, especially dessert type foods.


After remembering about the mason jar and blender idea, I got a pint mason jar,  put some ingredients in it and happily made a single smoothie.
Goodness it was tasty and clean up was so much easier.

Unfortunately, not all blenders are mason jar friendly. However, if your blender is one that can be used with a mason jar and if you decide to use this idea, some of my following suggestion might be helpful:
-follow blender manufacturers recommendation about ice or frozen ingredients.
-fill the jar only about 3/4 or less of-the-way full,
-make sure the blender collar fits the neck of the jar securely

-use quick ‘pulses’ until you’ve chopped up the crushed ice or/and frozen fruit and/or large chunks of foods. After it’s fairly well chopped up, blend it normally.
-now and then you may need to take the jar off the blender base, leave the blender collar/blades on the jar, shake the food down and then put the jar back on the base to blend some more.
-you can pour your smoothie in a glass or do like I do and drink it from the jar.

I’m glad I remembered the mason jar/blender idea. I use it for more than smoothies. It’s easy to chop nuts, bread crumbs, crackers or other things, put a ring/lid on the jar and save them for later.

Do you have a favorite blender recipe or helpful hint?
Wishing you a smooth rest of the week.


The best gift (& Heart Redwork Block)

1-7-2014rwI’ve chosen my heart redwork block for today. It represents the love between me and my husband, the love of family and friends and our thankfulness for one of the best holiday gifts we could could receive: the gift of life.

Last November my husband survived a widow-maker heart attack. There’s only about 3 to 5 percent that survive a widow-maker.
It truly is a miracle that my husband survived. He had to have a quadruple bypass surgery and came through it like a champ.
I thank the good Lord above for the wonderful medical advances and the caring Doctors, nurses and staff that helped him through each day.

My husband has kept a positive attitude and thankfulness all through this. Even when he was suffering severe pain, he still managed to smile and be in good humor.
The Doctors and nurses complimented him on his cheery and positive attitude. They told him that ‘they would love it if all their patients were like him.’

I’m in awe of my husband and his wonderful disposition, he’s a joy and delight and  my special miracle.  I know that I couldn’t go through the pain and stress that he’s been through and come out shining like he has. I would be a whiny miserable mess. It’s been amazing watching his progress starting from hour to hour, day to day, week to week and now he’s back to almost 100%.

From day one of when this all started we agreed to deal with what was before us from moment-to-moment. We focused on his healing and looked forward to ‘our new normal’ days ahead. The rest of the world could take care of itself.

God blessed us with what we needed when we needed it.
We saw the best of family and friends. They were our troops as they rushed to our sides in support to help us through.
I thank our family and friends from the bottom of my heart.

My sister and her family went above and beyond the call of family-duty. With love and caring they blessed us. My sister never left my side until my husband was home for a couple days. She made sure we had everything we needed before she would leave. Her dedication and attentiveness to us is awe inspiring. We can never repay her and her family nor thank them enough. I thank God for first making us sisters and then making us best friends. Thank you so very much my Bff.

Yesterday was supposed to be my husband’s first day back at work but the weather turned vicious and his boss closed the business for the day.
So, Today was my husband’s first day back at work. He said it went well and he’s happy to be back.

We are now in the days of new normal and looking forward to many decades of happiness ahead.

I apologize to you all for my abrupt absence. I hope you all understand why I needed to be away so long.
Now that our life is evening out, I’ve a bit more free time and I’m going to try to get back to blogging more regular.

I hope your holidays were pleasant and the New Year is starting off with promises of many celebrations to come in 2014.

Wishing you and your family the best of the best all year through.