Happy Veterans Day 2019!

Happy Veterans Day!
Wishing everyone a Safe & Peaceful
Day of Remembrance!



graphic by: Free Veterans Day Clipart – Graphics


Happy Memorial Day 2016!


I give a heart felt Salute of gratitude to
all veterans & troops past & present
for all they’ve sacrificed for us,
and for the security & liberty that
they continue to give to us.
I also give a special Salute of gratitude to
their families who sacrifice much more
heart & support for us than we realize.
Wishing everyone a Pleasant
& Safe Memorial Day!



Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2014!

memdy52608Wishing everyone a Safe & Pleasant
Memorial Day weekend!


As a small gift from me to you to celebrate this special long
weekend, here’s a couple of my coloring pictures.
I hope you’ll print these off for a child or children to color.

Before you print this picture off:
Click on the image to open it in it’s own window.
At the top of your browser on the far left hand side choose ‘File’, then choose ‘Print Preview’
At the top of the print preview page is an option for ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’
Try both and choose the one that fits the picture to the page best.
Then print the picture off.