Wildlife Wednesday – Butterfly in Flight

IMG_0681Several years ago, my BFF and I was discussing our favorite photographs that we’d taken and the ones we’d like to take of different subjects.
BFF asked me if I’d ever taken a photograph of a butterfly in flight.
Mmm, nope and I’d never thought of it. I had at one time made an unsuccessful attempt at trying to capture water drops falling, but butterflies in flight never occurred to me to try.

The simple question sent me on a quest that took me awhile to accomplish. I was determined to get a photo of a butterfly in flight no matter how long it took. Besides, it was fun trekking across the yard chasing the little beauties… (and giving my neighbors something to watch: an old woman with a camera chasing butterflies must’ve been entertaining to watch.)

While my results were mostly blurred, I did manage get a few butterflies in flight. The butterfly in flight that I posted today is one of my favorites. I know it’s a bit of a blur, but I still think it’s pretty. I had quite a large flower bed that year and this gorgeous angel along with several others enjoyed the blooming buffet.

Have you ever photographed a butterfly in flight?
Wishing you all wonderful Wednesday!