2020 Gardening and A Lily-Bug

So far this season, We’ve had good crops of most things. We got about 50 or 60 pounds of potatoes. It’s been quite dry and the squash plants didn’t get half the size they should have. Our corn is maybe only 4 1/2 feet tall and loaded in ears.

Fortunately, we haven’t had much problems with insect-pests this year. We haven’t seen a bean beetle, tater-bug, squash-bug, horn worm nor cut worms. This is an absolute first for us. It’s a blessing, but also kind of odd feeling. Early in the season, We experienced a short-lived threat from flea beetles on the potato plants. The lady bugs moved in and took control and the flea beetle invasion was resolved.

As for 4 legged critters: deer and rabbits, well they’ve been enjoying our garden and wiped all our beans and one row of cucumbers. The deer keep the tomato plants trimmed back a bit.

We discovered recently that there’s been a 2 legged critter in our garden and it helped itself to some of our biggest green tomatoes and possibly some other stuff. The way we know it’s not a deer thief is that the vines are damaged where deer snack on them. However, The vines are in tack right down to the tomato caps where our large green tomatoes have disappeared, so only a bi-ped could accomplish that feat.
You may ask, How do we feel about someone taking our produce? Well, we’re a bit sad that the person didn’t just come and ask for the vegetables. We’d have gladly shared, since our garden produces more than we need. We hope whoever took the vegetables has good health and benefits from them.

I haven’t done any crafting for the past few months. I’ve lost my inspiration. I hope to find inspiration again someday. So, I don’t really have anything to post about unless it’s a holiday and I post a greeting.

For now, I’m like the little lady bug in my lily.
I’m hunkered down and praying for a miracle.

I send huge wishes for health and happiness to you all.




Unique Lovely Lily & issue update

I was taking photos in my Lily patch and came across this lovely 2 color lily. It’s so unique and fun. It made me smile. I don’t recall ever seeing it bloom before.
A couple years ago we bought several different varieties of lilies for the front yard. There’s quite a bit of shade in our front yard, but we figured the lilies would do okay. Unfortunately, we were wrong, they didn’t do well and barely grew or bloomed.
Last year, We made a lily patch in the back yard, in an area of full sun, and transplanted the front yard lilies to it. All the lilies took off growing and have thrived wonderfully.


My Blog Issue Update:
I can surf blogs with other browsers, fairly well now, but not for posting and commenting.
I’m using a Chrome browser for posting today. I want to see if it helps my issues before I contact WP support.
So far, so good…
I’m going to try and visit and comment using Chrome.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit and do a bit of catching up with you all.
Wish me luck ūüôā

Wishing you all a beautiful week free of issues.







Old cedar chest, Rain Lilies, chives & dogwood blooms

We recycled a cedar chest this past weekend. It made a¬†nice planter¬†addition to our flower bed.One of my all time favorite flowers are rain lilies. When we moved here in 2001, I had oodles of rain lily bulbs and miniature grape hyacinth bulbs that I’d raised for many¬†years. I planted them in the back part of the property to give them room to grow and reproduce. I had delusions of looking out and seeing an acre of them blooming in years to come. Well, it didn’t work out that way. The moles and other critters have eaten and moved/scattered the bulbs over¬†a few¬†acres. There’s very few of them that bloom each year now and I never know where they’ll show up. The critters keep moving them.To my delight, I discovered a few rain lilies growing where our garden usually is. I had my husband help me dig them up. I planted them in the corner of my flower bed. They look rough now, but I have hopes they’ll come back strong next year. The bulbs had oodles of tiny bulbs, so hopefully there’ll be a thick patch of them. I may move them somewhere else. I haven’t decided. I just know if we have a garden these would be tilled up and lost until next year or forever.My¬†onion chives are blooming. They’re quite pretty blooms.I’m happy to tell you that the dogwoods are finally blooming. There’s only wild ones growing in the woodlands around here. For some reason, it seems to take them longer to bloom than the ones used in landscaping. But none-the-less, the dogwoods are finally blooming.

I hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!