Happy Thanksgiving 2019!

Wishing Everyone a Safe &
Happy Thanksgiving!



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November Tomato Update – a few left

p1100253Every week there’s a few more of the tomatoes ripening in the bag. When I see they’re almost ripe, I set them on the window sill so I can keep an eye on them.
Putting an  apple in the bag  with the tomatoes trick does work, but you need to keep checking them every couple days.
I can’t get over how pretty they are. I’ve only a few more November tomatoes left. It certainly has been fun having these volunteer tomatoes this late in the season.


November Tomato Update – tastes like

p1090285We ate the ripest four of the tomatoes. 20161113_042543They tasted like sun ripened tomatoes.
Since these 4 were mostly ripe before I bagged them, I figure
being outdoors was mostly responsible for the taste. 20161114_025343Some more of the tomatoes are mostly ripened now too.
I hope they taste as well as the first four.

The 12th of Nov, my husband looked under the cheesecloth covering the tomato vine and discovered several other tomatoes on the now dying vine. He picked them and brought them in. I’ve bagged them with an apple. Now I wait for them to ripen too.11-13-2016-novtoe2

I suppose this is the end of the gardening season for me.
It was fun tending to the volunteer tomato vine.

Wishing you all a pleasant week of sunshine & warm smiles.


November 14-2016 Supermoon

p1090351Here’s a couple of photos of the supermoon: one at midnight and one from 4 am.

Nasa says that this supermoon cycle last happened in 1948. That announcement touched my heart. 1948 was the year my parents got married. I wish they were still with us to enjoy the brilliant moon.

Nasa says this supermoon cycle won’t happen again until 2034; 18 years from now. I’ll be 74 then and I sure hope I’m healthy enough to be aware of it and maybe even remember that I shared about it on my blog way-back-when in 2016. Oh you know what would be cool, if I still have a blog then. I wonder if there will still be blogging… time will tell…

The news says that we should be able to continue to see the supermoon this evening. I may try to get some more photos. The world is so bright outside.

I wish you all many happy years of brilliant moons to come.


excerpts from article:
“…the full moon won’t come as close to Earth again until 2034.”
“The moon will turn full so quickly after it reaches the perigee on Nov. 14 that it should arguably be called an “extra-supermoon,” NASA officials said in the blog post. Modern astrologers first coined the term “supermoon.”
Largest supermoon since 1948 to light up night sky