Finished It Friday – Crocheted Cardigan

I’m so happy, I just finished my crocheted cardigan not more than an hour ago.
I consider my cardigan a success. I think it turned out fairly well considering I freehanded the pattern out of my own mind.
If I make another one, there’s some adjustments I plan on making.
But for now, I’m just happy to have my cardigan done.
Now I wait for cooler weather so I can wear it and not burn up.

Wishing you all success & a happy weekend.


22 thoughts on “Finished It Friday – Crocheted Cardigan

  1. I love it! For as long as I have crocheted I have never made a sweater. I have only knit two sweaters: one that was a baby sweater and turned out beautifully and another that was a gift for a boyfriend that took many weeks, lots of tears and frustration… and wound up WAY too big even though I had gauge swatched multiple times. I cried a lot, then. And vowed to never make another sweater ever again. I’ll make shrugs with success, and those are not far from sweaters and heck depending on how you make them could easily be called/mistaken for a sweater. But a true legitimate sweater? Nope. Not gonna go down that road again. Lol (I had started a sweater for myself a few years ago, finished one whole section, was half way through the second and realized I was doing it wrong and would have to totally start over. That just really cemented my decision.)

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    • Thanks so much CW
      I bet the baby sweater was adorable. You’ve had some tramatizing experiences with sweaters. I understand why you don’t want to attempt them anymore. It’s frustrating when all that hardwork goes to waste. Your shrugs sounds nice though. I bet they’re pretty. 🙂


    • Thanks so much Sheryl
      Overly cold air conditioning seems to be an issue in all the stores and businesses this time of year. I agree. It’d be right snug. 🙂


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