Unique Fox Squirrel

I noticed this unique looking fox squirrel snacking on something at the side of our driveway. The odd coloring of this fox squirrel is called Piebald. It’s a genetic trait and sometimes happens when there’s not a lot of new members in the breeding population. This is only the second fox squirrel I’ve seen around here. I think it’s sad that there isn’t more fox squirrels around here. It’s because in this area, though rural it may seem, the woods are being destroyed for profit or housing.

I apologize for the quality of the video. I took it through a window with a screen so I’m lucky it’s viewable at all. Unfortunately, I don’t have a very steady hand at holding a camera for taking videos, but thankfully the video host I use has a pretty good stabilizer that’s helpful to make my video sort of float smoother and not appear as shaky.

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.


Wildlife Wednesday – Squirrel


We see squirrels digging in the yard. Sometimes they’ll dig up walnuts that they’ve stored there last fall. That’s what the squirrel in my photo was doing.  I wonder how many walnuts are buried  that will be forgotten. Also I have to wonder, if we stopped mowing, how long would it be until our yard would be a forest. I have a tough time keeping the saplings dug out of my flower beds and garden, so I figure it wouldn’t be many years at all. Makes me wonder though.

Wishing you all a Wonderful Wednesday!