Super Solid Granny Square

While blog surfing I came across a blog called ‘Sparkly Toad’. I was so happy to see that Julie has made a pattern for a solid granny square. I’ve always wanted one, but never found one.

I was so excited about it that I spent the afternoon working with the pattern. Julie did quite a good job on the pattern, but I had a hard time getting round 4 to work out. I didn’t have enough stitches in round 3 to accommodate the pattern and make the four corners. It’s possible it was just me not reading the pattern right. I do have that problem sometimes. It took awhile, but I worked out a bit of a different formula and was able to get round 4 to turn out right.

For the complete pattern please visit:
Super Solid Granny Square at Sparkly Toad

Julie contacted me and sure it enough I read it wrong. I don’t know what I was thinking.

I’m sorry Julie, for misreading your directions.
Thanks again for a great pattern.
Now, I’m off to make another one and see if I can follow your directions right this time.

edited out my changes


my 1st attempt

edited in 4-17-2014:

Here’s my granny square I made by following Julie’s pattern the right way (hopefully).  This would make an awesome warm blanket. I have plans to use this pattern in the future. It was an easy pattern to do once I got the hang of it.

IMG_9445Thanks so much for the super pattern Julie.


Happy Crafting Everyone!



17 thoughts on “Super Solid Granny Square

  1. That is awesome! I’ve seen some solid granny patterns but never THAT solid, there were still always some small gaps. Thanks for sharing about this, I’d have probably never found it otherwise. =D


    • Thanks CW
      I just happened on it and boy am I glad I did. Julie did a great job on creating it.
      I plan on making a blanket by this pattern someday. Got it on my ever-growing to-do list.


    • Thanks Dianna
      I stopped crocheting for about a decade once upon a time and then one day, a few years ago, the crochet bug bit again and I’ve never recovered. lol I keep hoping someday you’ll start crocheting again. I suspect if you do it may be in connection with a new baby 😉 .


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