Full Worm Moon 2021!

3-29-2021: I stepped outside this morning and took a photo of the full moon. Yes, I know I should have taken it last night, but I forgot.
This full moon’s moniker is the’ Worm Moon’. it’s named because of the earthworms that might be venturing out and taking a slither across the terrain this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere.
According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, this full moon is known by several other names as well. Here’s a link to the article: Full Moon for March 2021

With all the storms and rain that we’ve had here lately, I expect more n’few of them slimmers might have woken up and ventured out and gone swimming.
Thankfully, the rains/storms have stopped (for a few days).
The sun is forecast to shine. It looks like it’s going to be a pretty good few days of fairly nice daily temperatures.

Wishing you all a week of sunshine and smiles.





Screech came for a short visit

Screech came to visit the other day.
He’s molting and looks most unsettled.
It was good to see him again.


Thankfully, we’re finally getting some rain. The storms are few and far between. I’m not a fan of storms, but as long as they’re giving us rain, I don’t mind them a bit… at the moment… In our area (so far) The land is drinking up the rain about as fast as it falls and hits the ground. We’re due for more over the next few days. When the weather allows, we sit outside and enjoy the cooler weather brought by the rains. The cooler temperatures are a refreshing bonus of the storms too.

I hope your week is a good one!


After the Storms

6-6-2014-IMG_2591Our area has been hit by some storms the past couple days. Today is beautiful and the sun is shining. The clouds are amazing. It’d be a good day for lying on a pallet and watching the clouds change shapes. In the middle of my above photo, that’s a real heart shaped cloud that was hanging in our sky. It made me smile and I knew I had to share it with you all.

I went to our garden and checked to see how much damage was done by the heavy winds and rain. I’m happy to report that our garden is in good shape, other than a few stalks of corn leaning half over. The corn stalks should stand back up over the few days, so all is well with them too. I’m hoping within the next couple weeks, I’ll get to harvest a mess of fresh squash. I can hardly wait. Yum!

Wishing you all a great weekend of smiles & fluffy clouds!


Scattered Storms

IMG_0118The dogwoods were in full bloom this weekend. I love the many stages of bloom they go through. It’s hard some years to catch the full bloom stage. But this year I manage to get a few photos of them.

It’s scattered storms today and forecast to storm for the next few days. I’m making this post in between storms while I have electric and internet. I’m going to try and get some blog visiting in, but I can’t promise I will. So, if I don’t visit your blog, Don’t give up on me. I’ll be around when I can.

IMG_0232We had our first casualty in the flower beds. Apparently the baby bunny some critter decided to eat a marigold and then change it’s mind. The bottom part of the plant is still planted in the ground and I figure it’ll grow back with time.

We have some new plants growing in the garden. The storms will either wash the tender seedlings away, drown them or give them a boost to grow. We shall see.

I have to stop and try to post this now before the next storm hits. I hear distant thundering.

Wishing you all a great week.