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Baby Cherry Tomatoes

I planted a couple of cherry tomatoes in containers on my back porch.  The plants are growing beautifully and one has a few babies on it. I hope the plants continue to do well and will produce several cherry tomatoes over the Summer.

Wishing you all a productive week!




My hobby seems to be collecting hobbies and crafts. There's so many things to make and do that I can't focus on one single one for very long at a time. I blog to share my latest craft or thoughts with folks and hopefully get their thoughts and suggestions too.

14 thoughts on “Baby Cherry Tomatoes

  1. Do you have a guest room? I am so tired of cold and rainy March weather – in mid-May. We will never get to plant tomatoes.

    I am hoping the asparagus and garlic that are up don’t turn around and head back under ground.

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    1. lol SalPal,
      I suspect if we had extra space, we could have a thriving B&B going. lol We’ve been blessed with fairly nice weather right now, while some of the northern areas are still quite chilly and winter hanging on.
      Hopefully, your asparagus and garlic will hang on and continue to grow. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Sheryl
      I suspect that the surprise early hot weather is why our garden is producing early. It’s interesting to see the different gardening seasons across the regions. 🙂


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