I’m having a Scatterday

IMG_6978Yep, I’m having a scatterday this Saturday.  I’ve got lots of crafts going at once and can’t finish any of them for one reason or another. So, I’m scattered across the lot doing what I can on each one and then shifting to the next one.

I looked outside and noticed that even with the warmer temps and the wind that’s blowing like mad, there’s still little patches of snow scattered about the land. So, I guess our land is having a scatterday too. lol Anyway, I fear this snow is doing what my Parents used to say “It’s hanging around waiting for another”. I hope not, but more snow could happen yet, it’s still 32°.IMG_7015

I reckon this is all for me at the moment.
I just wanted to blog a little bit before I do my chores… first chore is to clean the crafts off my kitchen table. 😉

I hope you all have a weekend of warmth and relaxation.



4 thoughts on “I’m having a Scatterday

  1. My mother also had that saying: the snow is waiting around for more. And I’m wondering about that in our area: it snowed Tuesday, and there’s still quite a bit of it around. Talk is there’s another storm possibly heading our way for Wednesday. We’ll see! Good luck with your crafts… And if you want to hear about a “Scatterday”, wait til you see my blog post Monday….!


  2. Hey Dianna
    They’ve predicted more snow for our area too sometime soon. I don’t believe it or I don’t want to believe it because I’m trying real hard to be in denial right now, I really am ready for Spring and this cold weather isn’t helping any. lol
    I can hardly wait to read your Monday blog posts of your scatterday adventures. You all must’ve had a doozy of a day.
    I hope you have a relaxing and warm rest of the weekend.


  3. Variety is the spice of life my dear. And enjoy 32 and a bit of snow. We are setting records here in Michigan with snowfall which is saying something . That, and sub zero and single digit temps. Yikes! Margie


    • Oh my goodness Margie! I hadn’t realized that you lived in that region. You all are getting battered this winter. My warm thoughts are with you. I hope Spring comes to you all soon. Bundle up, keep warm and stay safe.


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