Few for Friday

Here’s a few miscellaneous things for Friday. 🙂
IMG_7559Yesterday the sun came out for a short period of time.
I hurried and got my camera and took a photo of it.
The sun warmed up the outside to 17°
and teased that there was sunnier times ahead.

IMG_6905I found a dead lady bug in my craft room.
It made me sad. 😦

IMG_6902Our shichi dog named Shelibean has oodles of toys. We’ve spoiled him into thinking that he gets a new toy every time we go to the store .
Well, my husband had a wonderful idea the other day. Instead of buying Sheli new toys every time, we’ll take some of the old toys, wash them and put them in our truck and when we come in from shopping, we’ll give him one of them.
I love this idea. Even though we mostly buy dollar toys, they do tend to pile up. I can hardly wait to see if we can fake Sheli off with the freshly washed old toys…


IMG_6820I’d like to share a bit of a reminder to anyone planning to use canned tuna. You know how on the cans it says ‘May contain bones’, well I opened a can that not only had a bone, but it had a scale too.
I took some pictures and tossed the can and partially made tuna salad away.
I have deliberately blurred out the name of the company since I believe most any brand of tuna could have bones in it.
I just wanted to give a bit of a reminder to pay attention if you open a can of tuna.

Have you ever found a bone or something odd in a package or can of food?

This is all for me at the moment.
I hope you all have a warm & wonderful weekend.


2 thoughts on “Few for Friday

  1. Ick on the bone and scale…..ugh. Great idea with Shelli’s toys; sort of like what you do with childrens’ toys! It’s 15 here right now…brrrr.
    You should join Random Five Friday!


  2. Thanks Dianna
    I just checked and it’s 3°. I didn’t realize it was so cold. I’ll be glad when this arctic blast is past or polar whatever passes.
    I’m going to check out the RF5. I may join it.
    Bundle up and keep warm.


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