Seeds of Spring

2013-seedlingsAs I was going through some photos I discovered that I got a really late start on my seeds this year.
The top photo is how my seedlings looked at this time of year last year.
The lower photo is how they look this year.
Yep that’s right, I’m running behind schedule. I got them planted today.
Hopefully it’s better late than never.
2014-seedsI’ll post updates if when my seeds start growing.

A cold front is moving through again, freezing temps and possibly snow. Not very cheery Springtime weather, but oh well, at least on the calender it’s officially Spring…

I hope you all are having Spring-type weather this week.


14 thoughts on “Seeds of Spring

  1. It’s positively spring like weather here at the moment or to be more precise….the coldest it’s been all year, I’ve not got my seeds planted as yet, it’s on my list of 75 other things to be done oh well


    • Hi Roma
      Life does tend to keep us hopping. That’s why I’m late starting my seeds this year.
      It sounds like you have lovely temps and if the weather holds up you’ll be able to have a dandy of a garden soon. I hope you get your list whittled down and can enjoy the Spring like weather. 🙂


  2. The sun is out today at least, but the wind is fierce! We set out cabbage, broccoli, and onion plants a few days ago. They’ve had some frost and now this wind so it’s been a fight for them to survive. Hopefully you can get your plants in the garden before too much longer.


    • Hi Charlotte
      I don’t know what’s with the wind. Like you our sun shines but the wind will cut you in half. It’s so daunting. It’s good that you plant cold weather crops so far. Hopefully they’ll survive the freezing times and be productive.
      I don’t have any plants at the moment. The photos of the seedlings is from last year.
      However, I do have some bulbs I’d like to get planted.
      I hope warm Spring breezes replace your fierce winds and you can enjoy some nice weather soon.


    • Hi Dianna
      I saw that mess on the weather map, I know it’s disheartening for you all. I hope that cold front gets swept out to sea and you all can get back to the business of Springtime blooming.
      My photo of my sprouts are from last year. I agree they did look cheerful. Hopefully in a month the seeds I planted today will be as healthy and cheerful as those were.


  3. I almost laughed (to hide the tears ~ lol) when I noticed our double rail fence is still buried under snow. There will be no seed starting for about another month for me. But at least we will have moisture so I wont complain, I won’t complain, I won’t complain – oh, I’m sorry I got carried away there!
    ‘love & hugs from afar’


    • Hi Cher
      Welcome to my blog.
      It’s so great to see you here. I sure have missed you.
      Bless your heart I don’t know if you all will ever get thawed out in time for a garden. How do you all do it?
      lol I like your positive attitude and your chant. I believe we all could make good use of that.
      Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment.
      I hope you’ll visit again soon.


  4. I haven’t even thought about spring planting. We’ve started removing a few overgrown trees because the shade keeps killing the grass. And now we’ll have to move the raised herb bed my husband made a couple of years ago. The extra landscape project may cost us the planting season this year.


    • Hi Renee
      Maintenance time on the landscape and yard is a downer especially when t makes you miss the good gardening season. I hope your maintenance goes smoothly. :0


    • Yep Patti
      It’s that way here too. This is the goofiest time of year for weather. Hopefully the severe cold has passed though and by May we can plant our garden without too much worry.


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