Happy February! More seeds

2-1-2016My husband got into the seed buying spirit and decided to try to grow some different things we’ve never grown before.
Burpee sent me a free pack of flower seeds with my squash seeds. Pretty neat!
Hopefully our garden will be full of tasty veggies & colorful Flowers.

Wishing you all a pleasant February
Filled with Sunshine and smiles!


Fixing-to-get-ready for the 2015 Gardening season

Harvest 6-22-2014

Harvest 6-22-2014

We originally hadn’t planned to have a garden this year. We had decided to take a year or more off from gardening. We were both looking forward to not worrying with the work and responsibilities of gardening…

Then during one long dark boring winter evening we realized that Summer daylight hours are really long too. Other than yard maintenance and sitting on the back porch watching Shelibean chase bugs, we were headed for a very boring inactive Summer. We figure we need exercise and since we’re not much for athletics or any of the extreme walking nonsense, we decided to have a garden once again.

We plan on our garden being small, but that could change… and it always does…
We’re making plans and looking forward to tilling the soil, planting, weeding, harvesting and eating the produce of our labor… Yeah!
IMG_8937Last week I ordered a new supply of One Ball squash seeds. They arrived last Monday.
At our house, round squash has became a tradition. Now, I’m ready for garden season and purchasing the other seeds and plants we’ll try to grow.

One Ball Squash

One Ball Squash

So folks, get ready for another year of repetitive anecdotes and unprofessional garden photos straight from my home-place posted here on my blog. Lucky you. 😉gardening

I hope you all are looking ahead and making
plans to spend time outdoors this Spring.


Seeds Saved and ready for 2015

IMG_7102I’ve got a few flowers seeds saved for next year. You may notice the white powder in the bags in the photo. The white powder is DE (Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade). I always put DE in with my saved flowers seeds in case some lil’ buggers hatches out during the winter. DE is helpful in killing bugs, insects, spiders, ants and stuff. We discovered it back a few years ago during a brown recluse scare. DE gets into the exoskeleton and causes the pests to dry out. I’ve used DE on a centipede and it killed it, so that impressed me greatly. I feel better thinking that I may help prevent some little pests or no-see’ums from surviving in my flower seeds.

I don’t have to put DE with my squash seeds since the seeds are clean, dried and will be put in labeled envelopes. I saved a lot more seeds than I actually plan on using (because I can’t make myself throw them away.) I told my husband that I plan on planting only 4 squash plants next year.  He laughed at me and says, “Oh yeah, that’ll happen.”
I always go overboard with starting my squash seeds and then I don’t have the heart not to plant all the seedlings. But the problem is that I never know how productive my plants will be. I don’t plant 3 seeds or seedlings in a hill, I plant the individual seedlings about 4 feet apart. This year I started 9 round squash seeds, but 6 plants were all that survived. Those 6 plants covered us in round squash. Other years I’ve planted as many as 18 plants and we only got a moderate harvest. We’ll just wait and see how it goes.

Do you save seeds each year?
Do you have any special things you do with or to the seeds when storing them?

Have a terrific Tuesday.


Random Five Friday – 9-5-2014

IMG_6765Sheli enjoyed some time sitting in my lap under a shade tree. We’ve been trying to take advantage of the nice weather in between storms.

IMG_6644Last weekend, My husband built a small fire for me and our Grandson to grill some marshmallows to make some smores. Our Grandson was surprised I’d never made nor eaten a smore before. It was a lot of fun for me to have my Grandson show me how to make one. Here’s a photo of my first and only smore. 🙂smore1

We were at our local department store and I was delighted to see that they have Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses stocked on the shelves already. Peanut Butter kisses doesn’t last long on the shelves and they’ll be out-of-stock within no time.  I scurried over and got me a couple bags. Apparently there’s a lot of us that share a sweet-tooth for these chewy sweet goodies. I wonder if that’s just a southern-thang or if they’re as popular in the other parts of the states and the world?
Do you have a seasonal candy or food that you look forward too buying or making over a holiday? IMG_6922

I chopped open some of my round squash to save the seeds. I didn’t keep the squash part, we’re burned out on squash for the year. I had my husband take them to the woods for the deer to eat.IMG_6824

While I was sitting under a shade tree trying to surf the net I finally got my blog page to load and then I noticed my reflection in my KindleFire, so I took a sort of a reflection-selfy with my digital camera. lol IMG_6801Notice the band-aid at the top of my KindleFire. It’s there blocking the camera lens. I do the same thing on my laptop too. I don’t like having cameras pointed at me all the time. I’ve never even activated the camera on my KF. I don’t see any reason too. If it had a camera lens on the back side like a cellphone, I’d probably activate it and use it though.
I wish I was more skilled at using the keyboard on the kindlefire, then I could do some serious blogging.  Honestly, I don’t have the patience to sit and correct-the-auto-correct. For some reason it constantly changes what I type. Oh well, gotta love modern technology.

So, how about you, other than texting, are you skilled at using the typing part of tablets or cellphones to make blog posts or comments?

I hope these last days of Summer are going well for you all.
Have a nice weekend.

Ornamental Tiger Lilies

a-IMG_5223These flowers are ornamental Tiger Lilies and precious heirlooms to me. They came from seeds that my Mom gave me a couple decades ago from her own ornamental lilies. Mom’s ornamental lilies came from seeds given to her by her Mom from her ornamental tiger lilies. As close as I can figure, this line of ornamental tiger lilies has been in my family for probably 90 years or more.
c-IMG_5423I’m always anxious each year waiting for the bright orange blooms to burst into full color. It makes me smile to see these living beauties of love from my Mom and Grandmother.

I hope you all have a pleasant rest of the week.

Sprouts & Blooms

IMG_8679I’m happy to announce that my seeds of Spring have sprouted and are starting to grow. If they make it until they grow their first true leaves then pretty much they’ll grow sturdy until time to plant them in the garden. For now, I’m tickled-pink to have the sprouts. 🙂IMG_8678

Finally there’s some blooming going on in our yard.
The Bradford pear trees are gorgeous.IMG_8611The miniature grape hyacinths are scattered through out the yard.
The moles and squirrels have moved them all over the place.IMG_8654
IMG_8637My big pink hyacinths are kind of curious. I planted the hyacinths in the middle of my peonies because I knew they’d bloom early then get yucky looking and the growing peony bushes would hide them. They’ve been in the same spot for over 10 years and the hyacinths have never reproduced. I looked online for an answer as to why, but I still can’t figure it out. So, I just enjoy them as they are and be happy with that.IMG_8641


Here’s wishing you all a beautiful sunshine filled week.



Seeds of Spring

2013-seedlingsAs I was going through some photos I discovered that I got a really late start on my seeds this year.
The top photo is how my seedlings looked at this time of year last year.
The lower photo is how they look this year.
Yep that’s right, I’m running behind schedule. I got them planted today.
Hopefully it’s better late than never.
2014-seedsI’ll post updates if when my seeds start growing.

A cold front is moving through again, freezing temps and possibly snow. Not very cheery Springtime weather, but oh well, at least on the calender it’s officially Spring…

I hope you all are having Spring-type weather this week.


Longing for Spring & Shelibean

IMG_7539I went outside for a few minutes yesterday afternoon. I wanted to stay out longer, but even at 65°  with the sun partly shining, the wind was still awfully sharp.

IMG_7535I noticed some of my day lilies are trying to grow.  I guess they’re longing for warm Spring weather like we humans are. Of course it’s possible these few sprouts are reconnaissance and they’re checking to see if it’s safe to grow yet or not. 😉

IMG_7518For the first time in many years I bought some flower bulbs. I don’t know what came over me, But there I was standing staring wistfully at the beautiful flowers on the packages in the display and suddenly I wanted some flower bulbs. I expressed my goofy thought to my husband and he thought it was a good idea. So I bought a couple packs of bulbs and I’ll probably buy some more as last-frost draws nearer. We also bought a few packs of seeds recently and some onions sets for the garden.  Now, once again we’re longing for the last-frost so we can play in the dirt and feel the joy of gardening.

When there was a lull in the wind gusts for a few minutes I sat in a lawn chair on my back-porch and pretended that it was Spring . Sheli sat in a chair next to me, but wasn’t happy about being outside because he doesn’t like being outdoors. There’s too many scary things going on for one little guy to take in all at once.
He became entranced for a minute watching the neighbors and I took the opportunity to get a photo of him being still.
Sheli then barked and insisted on sitting in my lap.
Yep, my little ornament is quite the guard dog. lol

I hope you all are having a good week so far.
May the rest of your week be filled with warm
outdoor temperatures & springtime dreams.

For Barb, I wish a cool Autumn breeze
to comfort you from Oz’s Summer heat.t110008


Cat Redwork Block & Special Gifts

1-23-2014rwHere’s my Redwork block made from a coloring picture that I made of a Siamese-mix cat my Bff had once upon a time. He was a beauty named Simon and had a sweet personality.
I’m posting this block to remind everyone to take extra precautions with the pets during these freezing cold temperatures. Try to give them a warm place to sleep and plenty of food to eat.

IMG_7549We got a light dusting of snow the other day. The temperatures are in the low teens again. It’s so cold the sun doesn’t even want to come for but a few scant moments at a time. I miss the sunshine and warm weather. Oh well, eventually, Spring will peek it’s green little self out from the ground and then we’ll have a ‘last frost’ and then it’ll be full blown gardening season again.

Last year we decided that we wasn’t going to have a garden this year except for a couple herbs and tomatoes plants in my porch garden. However, since my husband has healed so wonderfully from his heart surgery and is feeling ever so much better, we’re now talking about having a garden again this year. Not a huge one, but we are going to try to have a small one.
IMG_7554I was so happy about our planning for a garden that I told my Brother. He was happy to hear it because he’s been worried about my husband (and me too.) He ordered me a recipe book and a gardening book and some seeds to help get our garden planning off to a good start. It’s so sweet of him to give me such a special and a most appreciated gift.
There’s some really delicious recipes in the book that I’m looking forward to trying. And I’m anxious to try some of the advice in the other book to grow the tomato seeds my brother gave me.  I can hardly wait to kick off another gardening season.

I can’t seem to get myself organized this week. I’m going to try to get caught up with my blogging, visiting and commenting today. Try being the key word here. 😉

Wishing you all terrific Thursday.
Bundle up and keep warm!

We grew a luffa sponge

This past gardening season my Brother sent me some luffa seeds. I started a few seedlings in trays and I think 3 or 4 survived after planting. The vines grew super long so we had to keep them trimmed back and wound around a fence trellis. They grew and bloomed beautifully, but only one luffa grew throughout the summer until late in the season then there was several growing on the vines.

After the first hard frost the vine died quickly. We harvested a dozen luffa, but 11 of them rotted after a week or so. The very first one that grew throughout the Summer was the only one that matured.

I peeled the dry skin off and got a nice looking luffa sponge and a bunch of seeds.
We’re not going to use it as a sponge though. It’s going to be a conversation piece, just to show folks that you can grow sponges in the garden. 😉

It was a fun novelty vegetable to grow, but we’re not planning on plant any luffas next year. The main reason is wasps, yellow-jackets and bees of all sorts were so thick in the vines, by the end of the season, that it really wasn’t safe to be close to it for more than a few seconds. Also, to grow the luffa right we think that the vines need to be able to run free and not be cut back or wound up like we had them.

On the weekends, I’m going to try to post about things other than Redwork. That way, I’ll have time to embroider new blocks to post about during the week. And perhaps, folks won’t get too bored too quickly with my blog.

I reckon this is all for me at the moment.
Thanks for visiting!
Wishing you all a wonderful & safe weekend!