Almost Wordless Wednesday (Nature Photos)

These photos have captions, you can hold your mouse over them and read the captions or click on the photos and they’ll open and you can read them and also scroll through them.

Happy Wednesday Everyone.
I hope you all have a pleasant rest of the week.



10 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday (Nature Photos)

  1. Love these, E.C., especially the baby bunny. So cute! We had a wild storm rip through our area last night and it took spring with it!!! 36 degrees this morning….brrrr! Let’s hope spring returns soon!


    • Thanks Dianna
      We’ve been watching but the baby bunny hasn’t been back. I figure it was out exploring and stopped to rest under our porch.
      Man you all took a hard hit. I hope it’s the last gust of winter and we can get on to the serious business of warm weather and sunshine.
      We’re in low temps during the day and freezing at night, bummer dude!


    • Thanks Nadine
      I’m sad for you because It’s so relaxing to take a nice stroll and enjoy nature and shake off the stresses of life. Truly I would miss it too.
      Indian paint is really pretty. 🙂


    • Thanks Karen’s Nature Art
      Welcome to my blog.
      I enjoyed visiting your blog very much.
      Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment.
      I hope you’ll visit again sometime.


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